Get Ready to Dance to Gangbusters Melody Club: A Closer Look at Caravan Palace’s Newest Album

In the realm of future swing, few names hold as much weight as Caravan Palace. The Parisian trio consistently surprises audiences with their forward-revivalist hybrid sound, cementing their status as a bright star in modern music with billions of streams and the RIAA Platinum Certified Single “Lone Digger.” 

Formed in 2008 in Paris, the band emerged when Producers Charles Delaporte and Arnaud “Vial” de Bosredon collaborated on scoring a vintage silent erotic film for French TV. Following this, Caravan Palace incorporated vocalist Zoé Colotis, forming a trio and later expanding their lineup to include other members around the core three musicians. This resulted in the creation of some of the most distinctive and innovative sounds within the realm of French electronic music.


With their fifth album, “Gangbusters Melody Club,” Caravan Palace delivers their most dancefloor-friendly record yet. This new release showcases a diverse range of influences while staying true to the jazzy swing-house sound that has garnered them acclaim.

“Five albums in, you think making our songs should get easier, but it’s harder work. I blame getting older. When you are a teenager, you can be moved by a specific harmony or melody because it’s the first time you hear it. Over time, sounds become less fresh. We want to make pop music that’s always different, but not let it become too complicated. So we set out to deconstruct everything,” adds Charles. “The result was we liberated ourselves.”

Featuring 12 vibrant tracks, “Gangbusters Melody Club” offers a dynamic listening experience. From the jazzy and bluesy vibes of “MAD” to the house-oriented beats of “Mirrors” and the rock and disco fusion in “Raccoons,” each song is enriched by the band’s signature brass backing.

While the album maintains an energetic dance-party vibe, it also transitions into more relaxing moments like the lounge-worthy “Avalanches.” As the record progresses, it explores diverse moods and styles, with tracks like “Blonde Dynamite” hinting at reggae/dub influences and the two final tracks embracing more ‘traditional’ house vibes that certainly could be dance floor anthems.

“Gangbusters Melody Club” lives up to its melodious name, staying true to Caravan Palace’s distinctive style while embracing new sonic territories. While it may not be as intense as some previous releases, this record is perhaps even more engaging and emotionally charged. Fans are sure to be delighted, and newcomers are likely to be converted into avid Caravaneers in no time.

Photos by: Florent Drillon

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