Get to Know Dance Duo Sofi Tukker Before They Slay the Grammys

If you haven’t heard of New York-based musical duo SOFI TUKKER and their hit from last year “Drinkee,” now’s the time to get on board.

The dance tune is nominated for a Grammy in the Best Dance Recording category, alongside The Chainsmokers and Flume. Though you may not understand what the words are saying, it’s cool. The lyrics are adapted from a poem written by the Brazilian poet, Chacal — and all that’s required of you is to keep dancing.

SOFI TUKKER’s six track EP, “Soft Animals,” was released last summer and includes other faves like AWOO and Matador — and lucky for us, their newest single, “Johny,” will be released this week. The band says the song is inspired by a Brazilian poem by Paulo Leminski — presumably about a dude named Johny.

Besides being nominated for a Grammy, to which the duo says they are just excited to attend, they will also be playing Coachella this year at which they are “planning something special” for their live set — so be sure to grab that flower crown and check them out before you hop on the ferris wheel.

Also, another gift for your ears: a curated Grammy playlist with the year’s coolest tunes from Kanye to David Bowie — personally selected by Sofi and Tucker from artists who are also nominated for Grammy’s. It’s literally the only playlist you’ll need.

All these artists have had so many great songs over the years,” the duo told us. “Here are some old favorites and some from this year. Though there weren’t enough house music options to choose from (Tuck is sad), all these songs have been favorites of ours at one point or another in our lives. [We’re] so honored to be on this list with them.”


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