Get Jolted and Energized by Lauren Ruth Ward in New EP, “Self Electric”

One is often tempted to exclaim, “They don’t make ’em like her anymore!” when speaking of Lauren Ruth Ward. However, her latest EP, “Self Electric,” has prompted me to reassess that reflexive reaction. It has led me to believe that perhaps the more fitting statement is that they’ve never quite made anyone like her until now. This realization is why some are left bewildered, many more are amazed and enchanted, and none remain indifferent to her.

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Lauren Ruth Ward could be labeled as a “rock star” by some, given her many qualities that embody the archetype; however, she is equally driven to transcend those boundaries, embodying more of a rock spirit in human form. She is a manifestation of the wild flame of a musical genre that can never be extinguished, no matter how many electronic minimalist pop stars occupy the charts. Onstage, she dances from one end to the other, unleashing a rebellious energy filled with lightning, while mesmerizing audiences with her iconic raspy vocals as if she were personally speaking to them in a seductive tone. These vocals serve as the conduit for her self-penned anthems of freedom, authenticity, and the power of Queer romance and identity. 

Across the five tracks that make up the sonic landscape of “Self Electric,” Lauren holds up a mirror and preaches the gospel of self-recognition, a powerfully belted message that rings ever true no matter who you are or where you may be in life. This is evident in the first track, “SELF LOVE,” which reflects on the never-ending journey of self-acceptance and the profound significance of prioritizing self-love over the capriciousness of conforming to expectations. With “Heaven Electric,” Lauren redirects the momentum of the first song (and then its remix) to specifically address the genderqueer crowd with an anthem of validation and acceptance.

In “This is What I Get,” things take on a more personal tone with a paradoxically more universal narrative dealing with the complexities of love and regret. The song captures the turmoil of a relationship, expressing the pain of realizing one’s vulnerability and the consequences of misplaced trust.

The closing track, “Babysitter,” is a more quiet and introspective track, chock-full of the grounded Americana charm that’s never missing in Lauren’s repertoire. The ethereal, folkish ballad challenges conventional beliefs with a celebration of personal autonomy in the form of a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, rejecting blind adherence to religious dogma while advocating for the freedom to chart one’s spiritual path. 

Overall, “Self Electric” offers a candid and compelling proposal that defies convention and demands attention. LRW’s unapologetic storytelling resonates deeply in a time filled with social media posturing and a great reckoning of identity and social acceptance, delivering a powerful invitation to embrace unyielding authenticity.

LRW is about to embark on an extensive concert tour across the United Kingdom and Europe for the entirety of April. This will be a major venture, following her successful performance at SXSW. Additionally, she has recently released a mini-documentary to promote “Self Love.” In this captivating piece, LRW not only delves into the meaning behind the track but also takes us behind the scenes as she prepares to perform in front of her hometown crowd in Baltimore.

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From her captivating stage presence to her bold and authentic lyrics, Lauren embodies the true essence of rock music in every way. Each track on this EP delivers a unique and powerful message that will leave a lasting impression on listeners. So don’t wait any longer, let yourself be electrified by the raw energy of the one and only Lauren Ruth Ward.

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