It’s So Fun to Watch Britney Spears Avoid G-Eazy’s Kiss

Britney Spears is a tough nut to crack these days.

She hasn’t been open about her personal life since the dark days of K-Fed. She rarely gives interviews, and when she does, all her answers are vague. We really know nothing about her. It seems like all she really does is perform in Vegas and hang out with her sons.

So she’s kind of a mystery. And when she does something vaguely human-esque, it’s exciting and jarring — and that’s what happened last night when G-Eazy tried to kiss her and she was like, “thanks but no thanks.”

From this brief clip, we can learn so many things about both G-Eazy and Britney Spears.

For one thing, Britney is no longer the malleable pop ingenue she was when Madonna lunged at her face during the 2003 VMAs. Back then, Britney was like, “oh, sure, yeah why not,” when Madge lunged at her face onstage. And I mean, who among us wouldn’t do the same?

But today, she’s a grown ass woman and she’s able to spurn anyone’s advances. Britney knows she’s a big enough star that anything she does could turn into a water cooler moment. She also seems to be pretty over celebrity life in general, so it makes sense she’d pull a discreet “thanks but no thanks” when her collaborator tried to kiss her.

Either way, though, we’re still talking about it today — so guess G-Eazy’s tactic worked after all. Either way, channel Britney next time you’re saying bye to a guy friend and you know he’s gonna move in for a kiss.

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