Forever 21 x Bunny’s Bae Bar is a Fashion and Beauty Oasis

Photographer: Down To Be Artsy @dtba_

Bunny’s Bae Bar founder and social media star Bunny Zingler teamed up with Forever 21 to welcome Rolling Loud guests to a beauty and fashion oasis on festival grounds. The Forever 21 x Bunny’s Bae Bar on-site festival activation is a one-stop-glam-shop with everything fans at Rolling Loud need to refresh and elevate their festival looks, including shoppable Forever 21 x Rolling Loud Miami merchandise, hair extensions, accessories, biodegradable glitter makeovers, beauty touch ups, as well as Insta-worthy photo opportunities and unique giveaways.

“I’m so excited to bring our second Forever 21 x Rolling Loud collection home to Miami. As Rolling Loud’s original and flagship festival, I know how our Miami fans turn out their looks, so we wanted to pay homage to the city – keeping it bright and fun, while still being able to keep cool in the heat! I hope this collection will continue to inspire others to be bold, have fun and express themselves through fashion.” Bunny Zingler, Founder & Creator of Bunny’s Bae Bar.

I had the pleasure of stopping in at both of Bunny’s Bae Bar at Rolling Loud. She had an activation in both GA and VIP sections of the festival grounds. Both activations were really cute, the one in GA was positioned next to the Ferris Wheel and multiple food pop ups. The one in VIP was located next to the main stage. Both activations were vibrant and the team members were very welcoming. I received great service from the make up team and observed the hair stylists making beautiful braids and adding the cutest bedazzles on many curious customers.

This activation was truly a glam oasis, they had everything you needed! More than a salon for hair and makeup, Bunny’s Bae Bar also carried the limited-edition Rolling Loud x Forever 21 collection. The limited-edition Forever 21 x Rolling Loud Miami collection, co-designed by Rolling Loud, embraces the sizzling summer heat with lightweight and trendy styles, inspired by Miami, with beachy graphics and vibrant colors, all adorned with the Rolling Loud logo. The collection features eleven styles, including a sexy pink bikini, stylish tube and tank tops, a breezy button- down with matching shorts, a racing-themed one-piece and a camouflage-inspired skirt, and the best-selling varsity jacket featured in the Forever 21 x Rolling Loud California collection. Sizes range from XS-L, at a price range between $24.99-$79.99.

I especially loved the face sparkles. They are very good quality and can be worn more than once. The glue is strong but it also comes off with ease. I was able to wear my sparkles throughout the festival, which really elevated the festival feeling. These are great for parties, concerts, and even every day if you’re that kind of gurl!


You are coloring the Forever 21 website with your beauty and grace! What is your favorite look off of the Rolling Loud collection?

Do I have to pick one?

No, you can pick all your favorites! But which would you say is your top one?

My top one, versatility wise, is probably the big jersey, because you can tie it up and crop it how you want to, it fits your body really nice, but also you can go to sleep in it! When I go home, after the show especially, the last thing I want to do is feel clothes on my body. I love to jump in the shower and throw on a big t-Shirt. I usually like to wear one of my husband’s t-shirts, he has a big stack of t-shirts that I love to pick out of. The jersey is definitely my favorite from the collection, I love to throw it on, even if it’s going to the supermarket, driving in my car, working or whatever – it’s the most comfortable.

If I’m stepping out, I would definitely wear the bikini top. You can dress it up with leather or lace day or night. We also have a white crop top. It’s giving Malibu Barbie x Racecar. It’s definitely the crop I would wear on my day to day basis.

It’s funny that you mention your husband because the next question is what inspired the looks for the collection. You mention you like his oversized T’s.

Yes, on a day to day basis my attire would be one of my husband’s large t-Shirts. I wear Rolling Loud merchandise all the time because we made so much cool stuff, and I love it. I throw on my big t-shirts, my hair in a bun and my Air Forces.

You said you’re from Brooklyn, that’s that New York City native in you

Haha, yeah, those are my daily shoes, Nikes are much easier to break into. I also needed to bring that sexyness and that taste and the right colors because this is Miami! I’m really happy with how the fans are perceiving it, they really like it!

What inspired Bunny’s Bae Bar?

My background is in beauty. I went to Queens Vocational High School, a trade school, my main thing I wanted to do was cosmetology so my sophomore year I started learning everything there is to know about cosmetology, like how strawberries can exfoliate your skin. I left that school and continued my education elsewhere and got my GED.

My sister is also a cosmetologist, she’s a hairstylist. I grew up in an all women house hold. The first product I picked up was a concealer, not something traditional like mascara or an eyeliner. There’s also the epiphany of the beauty standards and I grew up with that so I felt I had to hide my dark circles.

My mom was always that bitch, and it’s only right I became that bitch too.

With the heat and humidity, what are some make up tips for glam that won’t feel too heavy and won’t sweat?

Definitely make up is not unbreakable, you know what I mean? We are only human, at the end of the day we are going to sweat, things are going to break apart, it happens to me all the time. To alleviate some of those things, I would say use a good setting spray and a lot of powder. When I talk about powder I don’t just mean your under eyes, add it to every single step. Think of dry shampoo in your hair, it sucks up all the oil. You need something to hold these oils.

I also find that a lot of powder on my face, with this heat and humidity, stops me from breaking out almost. Instead of my pores spewing out that oil and just sitting there and causing me to break out, I have something on top to absorb that. Having a good powder is essential, I like the Fenty Beauty one, Rihanna is queen and she knows what she’s doing. 

If you’re going for a matte lip, definitely use a setting powder. I like a matte lip, I think it photographs well. A gloss also looks hydrated and juicy. Definitely powder yourself up, spray yourself down. If you want a setting spray use aerosol, not liquid.

Thank you for those tips! 

And don’t forget the eyelash glue! It’s hot, if you’re sweating you’re gonna need a touch up. Unless you don’t care, you wanna rip them off and have a good time, I’ve done that way too many times. 

You mentioned you went to school for beauty, who are some of your beauty or fashion influences?

Fashion inspirations for when dressing myself, I would have to say Gwen Stefani.

I see that!

Gwen Stefani, Joan Jett 80’s style, I love Joan Jett I grew up on Rock n Roll & OG Hip Hop. When I’m dressing I like to embody a little bit off the iconic R&B baddies, so like TLC, Monica, Destiny’s Child, Aliya, Beyonce. I really like some of the new models too, I like Bella Hadid, I like how she dresses. I also like Naomi Campbell. 

I really think the only think that goes good with a cute outfit is confidence. If you’re wearing a cute ass outfit, but you got a dingy personality, you’re not cute on the inside, then it’s not gonna look cute. I need you to work on you, that’s the nest outfit. I tell that to everyone, self love is the best outfit. 

Thank you for telling us your influences! Do you plan to make this Beauty Bar Station into an actual salon?

Maybe… one day, I mean I would love to. I’ve had such a great time putting together both activations, both in VIP and GA since 2019. Myself and my team, we have worked day in and day out, I draw everything from scratch, I draw it out exactly how I want to see it, I’m a very particular person. Then I give it over to the more technical side, they draw it out professionally and I’m able to say I like this color or that color, I make these flowers myself.

Oh, you’re a DIY girly?

I am! I curate the playlists too.

If you could bring anyone from the main stage to get glammed up in the Bae Bar, who would you love to see?

It would have to be a special guest. I love everyone that plays here for the show. Rihanna is a great supporter and she comes all the time with Rocky, so if I could bring anyone in the Bae Bar, at this moment, right now, I would love Rihanna! And I love Fenty beauty, a lot of my products are Fenty. I’ve loved Rihanna since I was a little girl.

What’s your zodiac, are you a taurus?

I am a taurus!

It’s giving that. What’s your rising?


Really, it’s not giving Gemini, it’s giving fire.

And my moon is Scorpio.

Water, oh okay, some balance. You’re definitely giving fire sign though. It’s Leo season though so you could just be tapped in. 

Yeah I’m embodying it haha. And my husband is a Leo, I have a lot of Leo friends. I think it’s rubbing off on my shoulder.

Well thank you so much for sharing your tips, experiences and influences with Galore!

I’m super excited, thank you!


Interviewed By: Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

Photographer: Down To Be Artsy @dtba_

Photo Editor: Perrin Johnson @editsbyperry

Editor in Chief: Prince Chenoa @princechenoastudio

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