Female-Founded Beauty Brand La Bhanga Says CBD Is More Than Just a Fleeting Trend

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve definitely heard something about CBD beauty.

It seems that since more and more states have started legalizing marijuana, every beauty brand has been scrambling to get on the CBD beauty train.

Unfortunately, not all CBD beauty products are created equal, and some of the products that claim to be CBD-infused don’t even contain real CBD at all! To help you sift through the clutter and find a CBD beauty product that will give you seriously luscious results, we talked to Sarah Mona, the founder of La Bhanga beauty.

Sarah told us all about her amazing, natural, luxury CBD skincare line, plus gave us some tips for how to work CBD into your own routine, and how to check labels to make sure you’re getting serious CBD.  

Where did the name La Bhanga originate from and what does it mean?

La Bhanga is the Ancient Egyptian term for herbal marijuana & cannabis. “La” refers to “pure,” and Bhanga refers to “marijuana/cannabis.” It has also been used in Ancient Hindu to refer to the cannabis plant. Although cannabis has been seen as a recent phenomenon in recent years, it has been used for many centuries tracing all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians, one of the first civilizations.

What made you want to use CBD in your products?

My background in the beauty industry led to experiment more with the flower. I first started experimenting with the herb in 2016 when my cousin was diagnosed with endometriosis and had surgery for it. She was experiencing massive pain and was very insecure with the scarring around her abdomen. So, I created a topical cream in my kitchen using CBD extract and some key raw butters and essential oils to target her inflammation, pain, and texture of the skin. We monitored the results and they were truly unbelievable. Instantly her pain levels were down to a minimum. Her swelling, inflammation, and bruising had gone down about 60% and her skin had become radiant, smooth, and almost transparent to the eye. I knew then that this flower had to be incorporated into the beauty Industry. So, I partnered up with a lab and a scientific team to really start my formulations.

I wanted to create a core selection of luxury clean products that could be used by everyone. Our entire line was created for men and women and focuses on targeting key areas of concerns; achieving optimal hydration, reducing inflammation, anti-aging, skin clarity, tone, & texture. I wanted to bring the industry something they had never seen before. We focus heavily on scientific research, using powerful ingredients, integrating ancient herbal remedies, and never compromising the skin’s health with toxic ingredients. I have banned over 1,000 dirty ingredients from ever being used in our formulations.

As you have seen, there are tons of new “CBD” products coming out, however they are being used as a marketing sales tactic. When you take a good look at the ingredient deck, it is simply “Cannabis Seed Sativa Extract” which is a fancy term for Hemp Oil. Although hemp oil is a great texturizing ingredient, it is not the same as CBD.  There is no CBD in hemp oil. You do not receive the same beneficial properties from hemp oil as you do from actual pure CBD extract. We are focused on client education and making sure consumers and the beauty industry understands the difference between the two. I like to tell everyone that we are not here to ride the wavelength of CBD, we are here to lead it and be the best in the CBD Beauty Category.

What’s your favorite product in the beauty line?

My favorite product in the line is our Renewing Youth Cream, our face & neck moisturizer. I like to call it the creme de la creme of the line because the ingredient deck is like a pot of gold. It has a combination of over four peptides that work in synergy to really target and stimulate collagen layers 1 and 4, and to strengthen the elastin in the skin that targets the droopiness around the cheeks & jaw line to really firm and lift. It also contains niacinamides which visibly improves the appearance of large pores, dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and strengthens an overall weakened skin surface. Along with our star ingredient; Full Spectrum Hemp CBD, I combined ancient herbal extracts moringa, dragon flower, wild cherry bark, & mushroom which target key areas of skin health. The texture is just perfect. It is not too heavy or too light. It is perfect all year round and in different climates, and it absorbs quickly without leaving that sticky film that a lot of luxury creams do. It’s a perfect layering cream as well. I literally can layer my serum underneath and an oil on top during the winter months. It leaves me with a dewy glow that many times people ask me if I am wearing a highlighter.

What’s your morning beauty routine?

My morning beauty routine is simple during the weekdays because I’m always in a rush to get out the door as I think many of us are. I love using our Senn Vibrating Jade Facial Contour Bar in the morning on days where I wake up feeling extra puffy. I usually keep it in the fridge the night before so it is extra cooling, which really reduces my inflammation, especially around my eyes with our Eye Renewal Cream. After applying the La Bhanga Line I will follow up with Ilia Vivid Tinted Moisturizer, the Vapor Aura Classic Multi Use Stick for blush, eyes and lips. My favorite mascara is from Lily Lolo and the PYT Brow Pencil. I keep the Hennè Organics Lip Balm in my purse to reapply throughout the day.

What product from the collection do you use for self care sundays?

I definitely indulge a lot more in using the Senn Vibrating Jade Facial Contour Bar with our serum, face & neck cream, and eye cream. I take my time really contouring each side of my face, eyes, neck & decollete. I usually will start with either a DIY face scrub or the Lancer Microabrasion Scrub for an intense exfoliation. I love to follow up with the Whamisa Organic Kelp Sheet Mask and I use our Senn Vibrating Jade Facial Contour Bar while the sheet mask is on to stimulate the absorption. Once I remove the sheet mask, I use the entire La Bhanga Line with the Beauty Bar and finish with African Botanics Fleur D’Afrique Intensive Recovery Oil. Im usually soaking in the bath tub full of CBD, reading a beauty magazine or indulging in some kind of reality tv while doing my self care Sunday routine.

What are your go-to wellness places in LA and San Francisco?

I love The Now Massage in Los Angeles and Earthbody Day Spa in San Francisco. They both incorporate cannabis-infused services and the vibe is everything. Both locations are super clean and there is always some new service I am interested in trying.

What beauty tradition did your mom or grandma teach you that you still live by?

Being from Egypt, my mother and grandmother always had DIY concoctions going on in the kitchen. Whether it was sugaring, hair masks, or scrubs—there was something they were always showing my sister and I. One of my favorites I use to this day is my mother’s face mask/scrub. You mix honey, lemon, olive oil, and baking soda together and you layer it on your skin. After about 5-7 minutes, massage it into the skin in circular motions and use water to increase the stimulation. Literally your face will feel like a baby’s bottom.

What’s one major mistake most women make when choosing a beauty product?

I think the biggest mistake is not understanding ingredients and just following the hype associated around a product. That is why our brand is huge on education and transparency. We want our customers to feel confident and educated when they are purchasing our products. We want them to understand what those long words in our ingredient panels mean and how they work, which is why we have listed every ingredient on our website and how they function. The most important thing is to realize that each and every one of us has a different skin type and a different skin concern.

Any other fun tips you want to share about La Bhanga’s products?

Our Pure Cleanse Facial Cleanser can be used as a mask! Love doing this when I have extra time in the mornings. I will apply a thicker layer all over my face and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then I will wet my fingertips and start to massage the cleanser further into my skin, let it lather, and rinse off. It is a perfect wake me up and your skin will be glowing. Also for men, our Renewing Youth Cream is a perfect moisturizer for after shaving. It heals and soothes any razor burns.

What is the price range of the line where can we shop it?

Our products start at $60 and runs up to $140 at the moment. You will be seeing both lower and higher end price points coming soon with new product launches. You can shop with us directly online at labhanga.com and we are now available at Ron Robinson Locations in Santa Monica and Melrose, as well on their website.

What’s next on the journey to perfect skin?

We are in the process of creating some exclusive new products that we cannot wait to share with the Industry! We will be Launching CBD Color Make Up this year and we have some very fun new “quick fix” CBD skincare items coming out very soon. Our goal is achieving healthy skin. It starts with a healthy lifestyle, followed by healthy skincare, and ends with healthy make-up. Our CBD Color Line will be a simple selective sku arrangement that focuses of multi-use items that are created to act as a treatment makeup while enhancing your natural beauty. Definitely toxic free and non-pore clogging. We want people to feel confident with everything they are applying onto their skin, starting with skincare and ending with make-up.

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