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Meet Farina, our newest obsession. The freestyle raptress hails from Medellin, Colombia and has been dominating the rap game in her territory. As Rap and Reggaeton makes its way to the mainstream, women like Farina are making sure it’s just not just a boys’ club. We talked to the trap queen about her influences, what it’s like breaking into the industry, and got the scoop on her upcoming collab with Maluma.

You are known as a pioneer of female rap in your country, Colombia. When did you fall in love with music and this style and where did you learn to rap and be such a fierce lyricist? I’ve loved music since I was a little girl. At 14 I fell in love with singer and rapper Lauryn Hill; She has been one of my biggest influences for being so complete and thorough  in what she does. I also fell in love with Jamaican music like Dancehall. I started rapping when I was a member of a Hip Hop group in my neighborhood. When the Reggaeton movement hit Colombia, I was able to put my ability to sing, rap and chant realizing it was what I wanted to do. I participated in The X Factor Colombia in the year 2005; where I was able to show my country my sound and who I was as an artist. I developed a way to interpret Dancehall because I spent a lot of time on the island of San Andres to which I owe a lot of my flow and colorful style to. My influences there were Cecile, J Capri and other Jamaican artists. I have been writing ever since i can remember, I rely on my experiences, those of others and I often pay attention to where my imagination is taking me to.

Who are your musical inspirations and icons?Lauryn Hill, Beyonce, Cecile, Selena, Shakira, J Capri and current Rappers like Cardi B and Nicky Minaj continue to inspire me to work harder and stay true to my craft. 

With sexy high-speed lyrics, your songs are a mix of Lil Kim and Ivy Queen, all in one. How do you define sexuality in your music? I consider my music to be unisex so to speak. It is a mixture between sensuality, being cunning  and having the intelligence of a woman with the strength and roughness like a man.

“Fariana” with Blue face is literally in repetition in our office, how did this collaboration arise and is there someone else with whom you are dying to collaborate? “Fariana” started being a freestyle! I saw that Cardi B did the remix, Nicky Minaj and other dope rappers made their versions so I had to represent Latinos and drop one in Spanish. I uploaded my Freestyle and it went viral and the fans asked me to release it as a song. It got to Blueface and he agreed to jump on!  It has definitely been a career highlight for me and for that I am grateful.

Can you tell us about your song “Como una Kardashian”, what do you think about them and what do you think of their influence?They [Kardashians] are a product of this generation. They are beautiful, intelligent, hard working, a tight knit group and billionaires!  They have shown the public that they go through the same things we all do. I respect and admire them.

Wyclef Jean nominated you for the GRAMMY’s “Artist of Tomorrow”, and is even producing your album. How did this come about and can we expect a new version of ‘Hips Dont Lie’ Farina style?
It’s was an honor. Everything happened thanks to my manager who introduced my music to him. Wyclef is a genius and has given me the best advice. We did 4 songs that gave me the blessing of being nominated  singing and rapping in Spanish. I’m sure we will return to the studio very soon.

Do you consider yourself a RAP and REGGAETON feminist?
I consider myself a rooted urban artist who does what flows for me.. Not only do I Rap and drop Reggaeton music, Trap, Dancehall that sometimes I merge with Pop, Electronic and Folk.  My lyrics are for all sexes.
The Colombian urban movement that has come out of Medellín seems to be leading the wave of music at this time.

Where do you see this sound evolve and is it your goal to continue breaking and conquering the Anglo market / consumers?
I can’t say exactly how far it will continue to evolve, I just know that the triumphs of those of us who are currently representing will continue to grow. In addition to the achievements obtained by my colleagues and I; I am sure that more talent will be contributing to this now GLOBAL movement. 

What beauty products do you swear by to maintain Farina’s appearance?I go to the dermatologist very frequently. I take good care of my skin with sunscreen, vitamin C and daily cleansing at morning and night. I never go to bed with makeup and without applying my eye creams. 

What is your beauty routine when you’re on tour? I don’t have a routine, I always try to eat healthy, sleep as much as I can(i LOVE TO SLEEP!) and not forget my skin habits.

Without which beauty product do you never leave home?

What advice has your mother or grandmother given you for your life?“Take more risks”

What’s next for Farina in 2020, something exciting to wait before the end of the year? We hear that there are some important collaborations in the works and we saw you and Maluma doing something on social networks … can you tell us more?My next single is featuring Maluma and I am very happy about it. An album composed of 6 songs is coming and I will not be alone … It will be special and historic body of work for  Latin Urban music. Collaborations are underway with many singers and rappers who have crossed borders. I’m so eager to release it!

Dress by Boohoo
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faux fur coat by Missguided
Lingerie Honey Birdette

Photography and Creative Direction Prince Chenoa and Jacob DeKat

Make up Brooke Hill

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