This Garnier facial mist is going to quickly become a cult-fave

There are many facial mists and sprays on the market right now that are considered cult-faves, but I’m convinced that this facial spray from Garnier is about to blow up. 

For starters, the Garnier spray is unbelievably affordable, at only $6.99 for a full 4.4 fluid ounces. Most mists overcharge and will include artificial coloring and other harmful ingredients – Garnier’s is vegan, 100% safe, and is sold for a reasonable price.

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The mist also contains rose water, a beauty product we all should be using – the benefits to it are endless, but here’s just a few ways for you to bring it into your beauty regime.

Rose water is insanely hydrating, and this mist is perfect to tote around in the bottom of your purse for a quick skin pick-me-up or for prepping your skin before starting your makeup sitch. Again, many rose water products contain harmful chemicals and don’t advertise honestly. But, this Garnier spray is extremely safe to use, and is something I’ve been carrying around since I got it.

I put this spray to the ultimate test – the airport. Aka, the driest place in the world. Actually.

I kept this in my carry on to see what good it would do me, and the answer is, it did me a lot of good! My skin usually feels really tight and dry on the plane, but I used the mist only twice (9+ hours in the airport) and it gave my skin the boost it desperately needed.

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If a product that’s meant to hydrate can pass the airport test, it’s a-ok in my book. Plus, like I said, this Garnier spray is cheap af and pretty accessible – it’s listed as being sold at Target, Ulta, and most beauty supply stores and drug stores.

So basically, you can pick this up the next time you go out to run some chores. Anything this easy and reliable (it actually works) is something I would for sure recommend.

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