Kim gives us the details on her $4,500 skincare routine via her app

In the past, Kim Kardashian has been keen to share some of her go-to beauty products – including many drug store products that are extremely affordable.

But, this week, she dropped her full skincare routine on her mobile app, and reminded us just how rich she is (and how expensive that face is). 

The full list of her high-end skincare routine totals up to a whopping $4,500. Yes, $4,500. That money is only going towards products being used on her skin.

Way to flex on us, Kimmy.

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Kim gives the details on her latest beauty items that she’s been using to help keep her skin clear, even-toned, and hydrated.

“I love to try out new beauty and skincare products, but there are some that I’ll just never give up,” Kim writes. “I’ve gotten into such a good routine because I use products that work together and really see results!”

So what’s costing her four months rent?

For starters, she’s using a serum currently from Dr. Barbara Sturm ($300), which is said to intensively hydrate the skin. She’s also using an anti-aging concentrate by Guerlain which is usually $510, but is currently on sale for $330.

Kim also uses La Mer’s anti-aging serum ($630) which is made with “crystal miracle broth” (whatever that means) and La Mer’s seaweed and almond oil, The Concentrate Extract Serum which will run you $470 for less than 2 oz. of product – so use wisely.

With a little over $3,000 to go, Kim is also using La Mer’s Renewal Facial Oil ($245), which is said to “infuse your skin with youth”, according to the product description. The collagen softens wrinkles and makes your skin firmer, which is what this product is said to do.

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A name on her list that we all know, and is a bit more affordable, is Anastasia Beverly Hills. The brand made the cut with their hydrating oil ($64), which not only hydrates your skin, but gives you a nice glow due to it’s Mediterranean herbal blends.

More items on the list include:

Dr. Barbara Sturm Drops ($145)

Lancer Skincare Polish ($75)

La Mer’s Perfecting Treatment ($245)

Guerlain’s Eye & Lip Contour Cream ($200)

Bio-Oil ($15)

Lancer Cleanse ($55)

Creme De La Mer ($475)

Lancer Skincare Contour ($185)

Are you bougie enough to try and copy Kim’s routine?

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