EXES Made a Haunting Music Video About Being Homesick

Not everyone will be getting to visit home for Thanksgiving — and some people have had to make “home” a new city because maybe they’ve lost parts of their family, and don’t have a so-called “home” to go back to visit. Whatever your “home” is — whether that be an actual place or maybe a specific person, you know what it’s like to miss it or them like crazy…

Venice Beach based duo EXES recently released their debut EP, “The Art of Saying Goodbye,” which features the hypnotizing and melodic track “Dear Home.”

“The song is about feeling homesick,” lead singer Allie McDonald says. “[We] are transplants in this lonely city that is LA, so missing home is a feeling that we know very well.”

The video features slow-motion and experimental editing, and EXES say.

“The video was centered around the feeling of nostalgia, matched with loneliness and isolation,” EXES told Galore. “The slow motion scenic shots align with the down tempo of the verses whiles the quick and cluttered cuts mimic the intensity of the chorus.”

The track features Allie’s beautiful and haunting vocals, chanting and echoing over heavy dissonant drums — bound to make anyone long for “home.” Allie adds, “I can only hope that the song will help someone, somewhere feel a little less alone.”

Check this eye candy of a video out below.


Photos Courtesy of EXES

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