Erika Jayne On Leaving The House Without Makeup

A showgirl is a showgirl is a showgirl!

It’s only her first season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but Erika Girardi has been making waves in the entertainment industry for years.

Girardi, whose performer name is Erika Jayne, is a big deal in the dance pop scene. She’s had eight number one singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, and yes, that was all before she even became a part of the Real Housewives franchise.

Housewife by day and dance-pop star by night, Erika Jayne knows a thing or two about style and beauty. From leaving the house without makeup to her favorite products for glowing skin, Erika answers our #GaloreGirl questions below.

When you pack for your performances do you bring two separate bags for Erika Girardi and Erika Jayne?

I use wardrobe trunks! So, for Erika Jayne there’s always a costume trunk with a backup costume, backup boots, and things like that. There’s one costume trunk and one personal trunk.

You guys have a similar style.

Well, Erika Jayne is just an extension. Here’s the thing: If I was going somewhere with my husband then that’s a completely different look. I dress much more conservative. But when I’m on the road I can get away with much more fashion.

Do you prefer a more natural look?

I mean, I have a bathrobe on right now. I would prefer just to be comfortable in jeans or sweats when I’m at home. But you know, when I’m out on the street, I always try to make it fun. I think clothes are really a great way to express yourself.

Do you leave the house without makeup on?

Everyday! I go to rehearsal with no makeup on. Everybody who knows me knows that if I’m on camera, I’m going to look like I should be on camera. That’s my job. A showgirl is a showgirl is a showgirl. When I’m not working I can guarantee you I have Aquaphor on my lips, a little bit of cream underneath my eyes, and my hair in a pony tail.

When you look at paparazzi photos do you ever get insecure?

Of course I do. Everybody does. That’s just part of the job.

You have beautiful skin. What are some of your go-to beauty products?

Rose hip oil for the face, under eye cream, and lots of water.

What are some of your in-flight beauty necessities?

Aquaphor, water, and a heavy night cream.

Say you’re going out for drinks with the girls. What lipstick will you wear?

Some Dior gloss.

Say you’re going to Palm Springs for the weekend. What bronzer do you pack?

Scott Barnes Body Bling.

Who is the sexiest woman in the world in your opinion?

Monica Bellucci!

Photography and Creative Direction by Prince + Jacob

Styling by Dani Michelle

Hair by Clyde Haygood

Makeup by Etienne Ortega

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