This $15,000 Bottle of Chanel No. 5 Perfume Actually Exists

Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift idea you probably can’t afford.

In 1952, Marilyn Monroe told Life magazine her bedtime attire consisted of nothing other than Chanel No. 5. Today, it’s considered the most famous and iconic fragrance of all time.

The decadent fragrance has a loyal fanbase—it’s been, and still remains a classic for women of every generation. This is why the brand created a $15,000 bottle of Chanel No. 5 Grand Extrait Crystal.

According to Forbes:

“Only 50 limited-edition bottles exist, each numbered and housed in sparkling Baccarat crystal. Order one, and it will be delivered to you by hand. There are gifts you just shouldn’t ship.”

ALERT: Only three more bottles of Chanel No. 5 Grand Extrait Crystal exist. You can find the last few at Violet Grey on Melrose Place and on

Practical? No. Expensive? Very.

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