French-born musician, song-writer and composer, Emilie Simon, releases her latest album “Polaris”, a 14-track project full of Electronic sounds laced in textures and story-telling lyrics. We caught up with Emilie a week before the albums release and dished on her 20-year career, the process of creating her latest album and what’s next for one of French’s biggest acts! Download/stream ‘Polaris’ HERE.


Can you describe your new album, Polaris?

I feel like sometimes I’m at a crossroads of waves, so this album, Polaris, was a mixture of electronic music and French songs that are very pop-influenced. My sound evolves a lot between albums. I’ve been through phases of electronic and hybrid music, and this album is more electronic than my previous project. I produce and write for myself, but I have special guests I worked with in the States for this album. I was so happy to work with Manny Marroquin, an excellent producer and mixer who has supported my music for a long time. During the progression of this project, I worked in L.A. with Manny, where he was super involved in mixing tracks and critiquing what we created; I worked with many great people. Some of the songs I recorded were a prolonged process for me. I spent time on my production, developing my sound, and on some tracks; it’s a collaborative effort.

What influences helped with creating your new album?

This album is very poetic; I was inspired by this narrative of a story I had in mind of this character I created from a previous project. It was more like a journey for her, almost a spiritual journey where she lost her nose, and that’s why she needed to go to Polaris, which is the North Star.

Do you have a particular song you’re excited to perform live?

All of them! Some of the songs are very powerful in terms of instrumental contributions, and there are a lot of textures. The songs are crystal sounds that I can play with the electronic work. It’s poetic and similar to something I could have done years ago on another project. 

Can fans expect new visuals soon?

A visualizer for my song “Tiger” is out now; it’s a 3D music video featuring my character with the tiger, who is like a cosmic crystal tiger being chased by evil. I plan on releasing another visual for this project very soon.

How does it feel to be in the music industry for 20+ years and still do what you love?

I love it. It’s something that I grew up with. I think that it’s in my DNA. Every chapter is an opportunity to redefine yourself, grow, and experiment with different facets you never noticed before. It’s a spiritual journey for me. In my vision of where I wanted to go in music, it was almost like playing a video game where you go from level to level; at the first level, you aren’t going to explore everything you have cause we are so much bigger than one album so you choose to examine different angels of your album. After all, this is what you’re aligned with. Creativity doesn’t have an end; the more you do, the more ideas get to you. I’m always excited about making the next album – even now!

Who are some artists that inspire you?

There are so many artists out that I’m inspired by right now. Every strong song-writer with a vibe and can create positive energy with there music is essential when listening to the music. Whenever I hear music like this, it feeds and helps me make my album. The U.S. artist that I love, for example, is Lana Del Rey; she has a beautiful voice, and it’s beyond her voice. It’s her writing and the stories she’s telling.

Can fans expect to see you live this summer?

I have two shows coming up in the spring and then a few shows coming up in the Fall, which I’m excited about. I have a show in New York on May 7th that’ll be exciting to connect with my fans.

What does self-care look like to you?

I think slowing down is always a good idea for your overall mental and physical health. Sitting down, reading, and listening to music, sometimes life’s a bit hectic; as an artist, you can become everything, so quiet time and slowing down is significant to me and make a huge difference. Surrounding yourself around good people is also crucial to staying grounded.

What are some of your pre-show rituals?

Yes, I do my makeup before my show. I usually design my costumes, too—not all the time, but I create everything I wear on stage for Polaris shows. So, I love to take time before the show to get into the character and get into the vibe of the album and its nature. I think this is a perfect ritual because, even physiologically, in terms of my energy, it’s a nice way to transform in the performance mode.

If you could remix one song from your new album and feature any artist, who would it be?

I’m talking to someone now who I want to remix my music; we are talking about it now, so stay tuned.

Lastly, what can fans expect from you in 2024? 

I will continue promoting my album this year; the idea is to keep developing. Polaris is just the first step towards many things to come. I’m excited about our shows coming soon and connecting with my fans! So stay tuned and enjoy my brand new album, Polaris.


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