EDGLRD will present AGGRO DR1FT, the new film by Harmony Korine,
on March 15 and 16 2024, in two events to be held at the Antiguo Hotel de Reforma. The film screening
will include musical performances by Harmony Korine/EDGLRD, skateboard tracks and visual arts
showcasing EDGLRD’s distinctive style of animation and VFX.

Starring rapper Travis Scott and Spanish artist Jordi Mollá, AGGRO DR1FT had its world premiere
at the Venice International Film Festival last year, after which it had a successful run at the
Toronto and New York Film Festivals.

Miami Premiere

Breaking away from the traditional parameters of cinema, AGGRO DR1FT explores the onslaught
of digital ephemera and interrogates modern life through the vernacular of video games. Shot
entirely through an infrared lens, the film follows a Miami Beach hitman as he embarks on the
relentless pursuit of his next target.

Miami Premiere

EDGLRD’s Mexico City tour is presented in conjunction with TONO Festival, a performance art
festival taking place in Mexico City from March 12-24, 2024.

LA Premiere

Following its Los Angeles debut, EDGLRD working with base_, will bring the AGGRO DR1FT viewing
experience to unconventional venues across the country with additional music acts to be
announced in the coming weeks. All tickets will be available on Boletia.

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