Why You Should Eat Chocolate Every Day


This morning I came across a recipe for deep friend Oreos wrapped in bacon. Sound good?

Because all I could wonder was who would wreak havoc on their waistline by ingesting such a thing, and who would be so evil as to even invent this new killer of bikini bodies and short-shorts dreams? But then I stopped myself from this dumb-ass train of though. Because chocolate is f*cking goooood. It goes with everything, including your most revealing outfit. And that should not be denied. 

Alright, so stuffing your face in bacon-wrapped Oreos should not be a daily occurrence in your snack pantry. Bacon is gross. Oreos are straight up processed sugar, basically the fakest thing you can consume. But if this sounds intriguing to you, go ahead and try one. Just one. Then eat healthy natural foods (ooooo, broccoli) for the rest of the day.

You’ll be happy you had a small culinary satisfaction, and your bod will digest as it should. You’ll shit it out. You won’t be the next 500 pound woman, so just eat the bacon-wrapped Oreo already. You shouldn’t have to give up taste-bud happiness so you can have Wonder Woman’s body, and if you think you need to, it’s time to re-order your priorities. 


Although a recipe for bacon wrapped Oreos inspired this rant session, my advice remains that you should eat dessert in general. Maybe not daily, but sometimes. Diets where you eliminate all sugar might work in the short run, but they’re just not sustainable as a lifestyle. Eventually the cravings will take over and the body you worked so hard for will return to shit when you eat the 50 Hershey’s bars you hoarded during your diet in one hour. And, you’ll feel like crap that you ruined your diet. 

Anyway, chocolate is always a YES (in small amounts). Because chocolate is natural. It’s not overly processed and all fakey. Especially the fancy chocolates, yum. You can have your dessert as long as you exercise the most important muscle: SELF CONTROL.

Don’t binge out on daily In’n’Out runs or entire slabs of cheddar. Have a bite of something sinful and then stop, and don’t feel bad about it (that’s an easy road to mental anguish). Your body will look just as good AND you’ll be satisfied for once. So eat your f***ing dessert. And if you’re interested in that bacon wrapped Oreo, here’s a link to the recipe

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