The Work Out You Need In Your Life: Pole Dancing


It’s not just for strippers! Pole dancing actually has its roots in China, so it’s basically a history lesson, a work out and teaches you how to be sexy as hell at the same time. Serious dancers even want pole dancing added to the Olympic line up, so it’s definitely legit. Although some older generations might look down on this as a promiscuous activity, you’re not working out to please them. It’s all for you, so you might as well have some fun while you get fit and tight.


The pole works your entire body, relying on your body weight as you dance and grind. You use your thighs to grip your inanimate partner, your arms to pull yourself up and down, and your abs to suspend your body as you hit poses. All you have is your bod and a pole- back to basics without some annoying ass treadmill that beeps at you every five minutes.

You get to blast sick beats as you haul your previously flabby body up and down the pole, flipping this way and that. It makes you strong, and as you work out you feel empowered and beautiful, rather than broken down and sweaty. Bonus: you can use your pole routines when you go to the club! So find a class and sign up ASAP.

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