Drink-O-Scopes: What Cocktail Is Best for Your Sign?

Everyone has their drinking preferences, whether they’re trying to avoid a hangover or brown out ASAP.

But did you know that some drinks actually might fit your personality better according to your sun sign? Check it out!


Aries booze

ARIES: Rum & Coke

When Aries drink, they like to get down and dirty. They definitely don’t like to take it slow. Aries people become real rock-n-rollers. Rum and coke is the perfect mix of bad gal and spice with a hint of sweetness.


Taurus booze

TAURUS: Bailey’s or Desperados

Taureans are comfort drinkers and very set in their ways. Once they decide on a drink they love, they stick with that one forever. They prefer quality drinks over quantity. Sensual Taureans love touching others when they get drunk, they are really into feeling soft materials, so they love the smooth comfort of a Bailey’s. Taurus’ element is earth, they can drink a whole lot of liquor.


Gemini booze

GEMINI: Shots and a strawberry daiquiri

Geminis want to get drunk super fast, that is why they love strong shots. Geminis chatter and flirt a lot, even when they’re sober. Imagine what happens when they get drunk. Love it or hate it. Variety is very important to them and trying new flavors, especially fresh and fruity ones.


cancer booze

CANCER: White wine

Sensitive Cancers love to sip their wine and share their nostalgic stories from the past It’s unusual for them to experiment with funky or exotic drinks.They are not heavy drinkers, but if upset, they can be the ones that drink to excess, and end up throwing up.


leo booze

LEO: Champagne

Leo kings and queens want the best of the best. They know they are worth it. Get ready for some serious drinking and partying.

To celebrate special occasions: Top shelf champagne only. BTW, Leos get very horny when they drink.


virgo booze

VIRGO: Espresso martini

Virgos like to keep it classy and love their drinks with style. They are the sign of the zodiac that needs most sleep. Hence the coffee in their martini. Otherwise they like anything organic that comes their way.


Libra booze

LIBRA: Cosmopolitan & rosé

Libras love anything in shades of pink, like a Cosmo or some fine rosé. Libras adore pretty, glittery cocktails. They are social drinkers and love to mingle and flirt.


Scorpio booze

SCORPIO: Whiskey & red wine

Scorpios are very extreme. Pour them a glass of deep red wine, they will love the color of blood, and the richness. Depending on their mood, they like to switch it up. If depressed they’ll go for whiskey straight and everyone will get to rediscover their dark side.


sagg booze


Sagittarians love foreign cultures and therefore exotic drinks. Be it Sake or a caipirinha, anything tropical or foreign will do.

Watch out: the more these creatures drink, the more secrets they will spill.


capricorn booze

CAPRICORN: Old-fashioned

It doesn’t matter how old a Capricorn is. They are the professional and independent drinkers of the zodiac, since they can take care of themselves, no matter how many drinks they’ve had. Even though goats are seriously charismatic, they use alcohol as social lubricant to loosen up.


aquarius booze

AQUARIUS: Jägermeister

Aquarians are experimental. They love herbs and hard liquor. Airy Aquarians usually don’t like to admit that a night of drinking usually ends with tears. Liquor makes them super emotional. They pass out quickly, though, and the next day they forgot anything happened.


Pisces booze

PISCES: Absinthe

Dreamy Pisces is the most addictive of all signs. They love all kinds of alcoholic liquids. The beverage they most enjoy, though, is Absinthe. This green magical poison of their choice is more than just booze to them. Still they should go easy on the liquor, since they love to escape into their fantasy world.


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