Dominican Dynamite Jenn Morel Talks “Socorro” and More in New Interview

Out of the Dominican Republic and straight into your ears comes the marvelous and infectious energies of Jenn Morel. The rapper and influencer sensation was already a star growing brighter on social media thanks to her dancing vids and comedy skits, until she launched her musical debut “Ponteme” in 2017 which became the viral hit that sparked her career in earnest and harnessed an impressive 100 million streams.

Poised to set dance floors worldwide ablaze, Jenn Morel’s newest release is her highly-anticipated “Socorro” (Loko Velocet Remix) which also boasts a captivating music video, co-directed, produced, and styled by Morel herself.


“Socorro” stands as Jenn Morel’s anthem of empowerment, blending the vibrant essence of Latin rhythms with pulsating EDM club beats, all delivered through bilingual lyrics with unwavering confidence. Produced by Loko Velocet, this remix exemplifies Morel’s artistic versatility, building on the triumphs of past hits like “Tamo Loco” and “KLK” in collaboration with DJ Hugel.

Can you share insights into the creative process behind the futuristic aesthetics of “Socorro”? 

Socorro’s futuristic aesthetics were inspired by the beat. As soon as I first heard the remix, it put me in a visual colour trance… purple, blues, and black. Then I saw the yellow which gave me the space cowgirl vibes! S/o to my fellow Dominicano, producer of this banger and label boss … aka Loko Velocet!

The video is unbelievably awesome! Is this your first time directing?

Thank you! It is not. I’ve always had a strong creative vision and have been very hands-on with my artistry and everything that I do! Directing is something I very much enjoy and find myself doing often for myself and other artists on my team! 

Not only did you Co-direct but you also produced and defined the look of your music video. Was it difficult to find the balance between your wildest artistic ideas and the more practical concerns of what you could feasibly achieve? 

I believe mindset is everything. I say yes to my wildest artistic ideas and allow them to express in whatever form they may need to take throughout the planning/execution process! I believe that freedom provides me a great space to plan many aspects of my visuals but also leaves plenty of space for improv. which empowers my creativity! 

Can we expect you to keep occupying these roles in the future? 

Absolutely and forever moreee 😉

Tell us a bit more about “Socorro” and where it comes from. 

Socorro comes from the feeling and awareness of a world that spins and what goes around comes around. You might be on a high horse now but you might be yelling for “Socorro” later … talk to me nice! lol 😛

What makes “Socorro” stand out as an anthem of empowerment for you? 

Because it reminds us to treat others as we wish to be treated.

Could you elaborate on how your contributions to the Zumba community have influenced your music career and audience engagement? 

As one of Zumbas Mottos my work with the Zumba family reminds me to STEP INTO HAPPINESS’ when I approach my creative process. 

What does it mean to you to receive industry and press recognition in the form of Nominations to awards such as ‘Premios Juventud ‘La Nueva Generación Femenina’? Is it something that motivates you alongside what the audience responds to?

I’m grateful and honored for the industry and press recognition that I received. It is a motivating force that inspires me to continue setting the bar high for myself and to keep supplying that Buena Vaina!

You shaped your early career as a Dancer and a Comedy influencer in social media. It’s pretty obvious how dancing transfers into a formal career in music and on stage, but is there space for humor still within your art right now?

Absolutely. Humor is an important part of my life in general. It’s not that serious :p

What’s in the near future for Jenn Morel? What should we be on the lookout for?

Platinum records. Global Dance hits, world tour, and gracing all the top stages around the world.

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