Dolls Kill is your go-to for Halloween costumes that are actually cool

One of the major dilemmas during Halloween season is finding a thot-tastic costume that doesn’t make it look like you bought it from the 99 cent store.

Most specialty stores sell us skimpy crop tops paired with tutu skirts and instantly we’re a “sexy maid.” Snooze. Obiviously, none of us want to break the bank for a holiday that comes once a year, but we also don’t want to look as basic as the twelve other Playboy bunnies in the room.

Luckily, Dolls Kill has a friggen huge range of totally unique Halloween costumes you won’t find anywhere else.

Dead Sea Mermaid ($45.00)

The great thing about Dolls Kill is that it has super unique costumes you probably didn’t even think of. Like, for example, this Dead Sea Mermaid look. While every other basic girl is galavanting around as Ariel, you’ll be repping a dead fish corpse! But in a totally sexy way. Sheer tops are in. Buy it here.

Magic Eight Ball ($38.00)

Yes! A costume that’s both hot as hell and basically gives an instant middle finger to fuckboys! We dig the crap out of this Magic Eight Ball bodysuit. The pleather look and number 8s on your boobs give you instant edge, all while the “Ask Again L8r!” on the crotch is a pre-existing comeback for all the douchebags that will try to “shake you” that night. You can even change them up from “In ur dreamz bb!” to “You wish!” Unless you know, you find someone that you actually want to do that with. Then you can switch it to, “Like duhhh.” Shop here.

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Booby Trap Spider Web Top ($15.00)

Not gonna lie, I’d wear this shirt on a regular basis if it was socially acceptable. Another great thing about Dolls Kill is that it sells single items if you want to re-work something into pieces you already have. This fishnet, spiderweb top is the perfect option if you want to be spirited and sexy but don’t necessarily have a set title for your look. Halloween is just for looking hawt anyway. Grab it here.

Sinful Momma Don’t Preach ($45.00)

Now THAT is how you pull off a sexy nun. Nothing else really much to say here. Shop it here.

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Kinny Bra ($155.00) and Dahila Clinch shorts ($140.00)

Another look that I’d probably wear on the reg, but will reserve it for Halloween. This super cute pleather bra and shorts set are great for creating your own version of really any type of costume. Whether it be something original or a classic vixen like Catwoman, you can easily pair this look with just about anything. Buy the top here and bottom here.

Goin Ghost Bodysuit ($45.00) and Black Widow Bodysuit ($50.00)

Cute and simple is sometimes the best way to go when you literally just have no idea what to be. This look is a little more subdued than some of the other ones out there, but you can easily make it look hot AF if you wanted to edge it up a bit. Get the spider look here and the ghost here.

Death Guard  ($32.00)

You can bae watch in this Baywatch-inspired Death Guard (lol get it?) costume at any Halloween party! Sorry, it was right there. Anyway, you’ll prob want to throw some tights on under this look since it’s literally a bathing suit, but it’s for sure a cute ensemble most girls won’t be rocking. You can even get an inflatable buoy to pair with it. Snag the look here.


Cat Scratch Fever ($50.00)

Scratch it up, bb. Make the cat costume un-basic with this fishnet bodysuit and matching ears. Buy it here.

Trickster Temptress costume ($45.00)

Erase any memory of the horrific Harley Quinn parade that was last Halloween with this sexy jester look! The set only comes with the spandex bodysuit and mask, but you can easily find cute gloves and thigh highs to go with it. Follow this link if you wish to purchase this costume.

Queen of Pop costume ($68.00)

Madonna will never die. Vogue the sh*t out of this Halloween in the gold, pointed-bra bodysuit inspired by the queen of pop herself. Plus, you’ll find out who your real friends are based on how many people actually get the reference! Nab it here.


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