Which sexy Halloween costume fits your astrology sign?

Halloween is soon upon us my spooky sistas! Costumes can definitely make or break your Halloween night, and October 31st is the best day to explore your inner Halloween hoe!!

But first, here are three things that we are absolutely NOT ABOUT TO DO on that night: 1. Cultural appropriation/blackface/brownface,  2. Depriving ourselves from dressing however we want based on our body type, and 3. Shaming ANY woman for dressing sexy on a night that gives a free pass to be whoever you want to be.

Thats why I came up with sexy Halloween costumes based on your horoscopes, so that y’all can look hot, un-problematic, and spooky for Halloween 2017.

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Sexy Playboy bunny, cat, or any other basic animal

You guys don’t have to try hard this halloween my alluring Aquariuses! Y’all can wear a paper bag this Halloween and STILL win best costume if y’all wanted to. However, wouldn’t a sexy animal be cuter than a paper bag? Yeah it’s basic, but sexy animals are a classic, and classics never go out of style darling.


Sexy fish or mermaid

Typical costume right? Fish = Pisces, wow what a new concept *insert Miranda Priestly eye roll* BUT HEAR ME OUT!! You all are a very sensual, emotional folk which is definitely not a bad thing. What’s more sensual than a sexy mermaid? Wear your heart on your fin and get some cute guys to dive into your ocean this Halloween.


Sexy Santa

NO ONE will expect this type of costume my adorable Aries!! This costume is only for the adventurous and the bold, which is you guys to the T. A sexy Santa costume will combine two of the greatest holidays known to mankind and definitely keep people on their toes. Spread some cheer and sexiness this halloween!


Sexy  candy or food

That one time when I was a #macaron for #halloween! Super last minute #diy costume! #youarewhatyoueat

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My Tasteful Tauruses, October 31st is the one day we can let our hair down and be wild, free, and uber sexy. It is a well known fact Tauruses looooove comfort and eating delicious foods is definitely a favorite pastime of ours. So this Halloween, why not dress up as a sexy version of your favorite food or candy? Everybody will be craving to hangout with you once they see you stunting in the flyest little skittles costume.


Sexy Pennywise

Who else is excited about @itmovieofficial My Friday was “Pants-Free Pennywise.” I forgot to make pants so … ‍♀ These are the costume elements I was making on livestream all week! She’s for funsies only – NOT a comicon #TooCreepy A good Halloween idea to start from for those of you looking. You can actually purchase accurate theatrical contacts for Pennywise now too. I love doing theatrical makeup – so of COURSE I had to try a Pennywise! ☺️ Go see IT – cuz @stephenking … AliciaMarieLIVE.com for all of my cosplay craft streams archived ❤️❤️ #cosplay #halloween #costume #pennywise #clown #aliciamarie #fitness #legs #comicon #geekfit #ootd #friday #model #artist #mua #makeup #MakeupTest @kryolanofficial

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Hey there my gracious Geminis! In my last horoscope article, I mentioned how “misunderstood” y’all are. While this is true, this Halloween I think y’all should embrace your “evil” stereotype and go out as a sexy evil clown. Clowns are super misunderstood, just like y’all are. Clowns and Geminis always want to make people laugh, but end up making them cry. People always say that Geminis are demons (even though that’s fake news IMO) so dressing up as a sexy demon clown is very befitting. Embrace your problematic selves!


Sexy Wonder Woman or superhero

You are definitely the Captain save-a-hoe of the astrology sign, my Cancer cuties. You guys would bail out and take care of everybody and their mama if you had a chance. Here is the one night you can truly live out your superhero persona while saving your friends from having a suuuuper embarrassing Halloween night.


Sexy Ringmaster

Tired of people giving y’all that same old “you should go as a cat for Halloween” line? Well i got something even BETTER. Ringmasters are much more your style my lovely Leos. Y’all  always have the spotlight on you, and y’all definitely know how to whip a crazy circus act into shape. Instead of being the typical leader of the pack, be the leader of the circus act this Halloween.


Sexy Teacher

Perfection is not that much to ask for amiright? My Valedictorian Virgos are typically at the top of their class and most likely are taking control of the class themselves. So becoming s Sexy Teacher for Halloween is perfect for y’all. Virgos also aren’t afraid to read somebody up and down and school them if need be. But I wouldn’t call y’all shady, you guys are just educating people so they can be less tragic in the future.


Sexy Alien

Didn’t see this one coming did ya my lovely Libras? You guys can make anything sexy, anytime, anywhere. So this Halloween, hang up your boring sexy cop outfit and go for something more out-of-this-world. A Sexy Alien costume is better anyway because y’all will definitely have all the cuties in the room ask you to beam them up.


Sexy Angel/Demon

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🔥Fuck yeah Halloween | custom romper by @sharonrahim @laroxxhollywood | @aliceandolivia boots

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What’s good my sultry Scorpios? Your attractiveness and sex appeal tend to be distracting 364 days of the year, but on Oct. 31st, unleash it with a sexy devilish costume! Get some cuties sweating with your devilish charm and burning good looks. Or, if you are tired of always making people melt, go for something more “innocent” like a sexy angel. People already praise your name when you walk in a room, so now give them a actual reason to.


Sexy Baywatch Babe

Hey there my sexy Sagittariuses! I need some help!!! Im drowning in your eyes ;). JK but in all seriousness, being a sexy lifeguard is the costume for y’all this Halloween! It is finally your time to show off that sporty side of you in a sexy way! You all will definitely need to be a lifeguard this year anyway because of all of the Halloween cuties that will need some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


Sexy Pirate

Hi again my cutie Capricorns! You need a costume that matches your level of grind. Pirates are always searching for their next treasure, and are too determined to give it up. Whether it is grinding for the shmoney or  hunting for the booty, you swashbuckling sweeties will always have your eyes on the prize ;).

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