Do People Love or Hate Taylor Swift?

Everybody hates Taylor Swift. Or everybody loves her. We aren’t quite sure. She certainly seems to have a dedicated fan following (you know the girls who comment “ur just jelusss” every time somebody says something moderately negative on one of her instagram posts?), and a never ending parade of celebrity and model BFFS (Jessica Stam? Emma Stone? Lena Dunham??). And yet nine times out of ten when she is brought up in conversation, the tone inevitably turns negative. Her songs are a feminist’s worst nightmare. Her image is so squeaky clean we couldn’t find a fingerprint on her dirty baking dishes. And again, what is with the famous BFFS, who has that many bffs to begin with? Somebody give us an explanation please!

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However, if ever questioned as to why they hate Taylor so much, a lot of head scratching ensues. After all, she is relatively harmless. Scratch that, she is so harmless we doubt she would hurt the fly who landed on her impeccably polished hardwood counter top. Usually the response given is something along the lines of “Well, she is just too perfect, there must be something wrong with her.”

There is plenty to find wrong with her. Her love songs are a bit immature, in the way that she uses them to call out her millions of celebrity ex boyfriends. She doesn’t know what feminism is. When asked she gave the completely ignorant answer of not believing in “guys vs. girls” (though it would seem that she does believe on that based on her past albums). She rolled her eyes at Harry Styles at the VMA’s! (This was never actually proven).

However, these complaints do not exactly stand up as valid reasons. Her past albums came from a young teenage girl and since Red there has been nary a celebrity guy in sight around the young pop star. On the same note, her response on feminism was given 2 years ago, and it is probably that she has learned a thing or two about the word since. And then of course there is the ridiculous gossip mongering concerning the VMA’s.

The truth is, we would love for there to be actual negatives when it comes to Taylor Swift. Because the real reason why everyone hates her is because of this seeming perfection. She is completely unrelateable and has been becoming more and more so for a while. We think it may have started after she started flattening her hair. Or maybe it was the first time she was photographed hanging out with a Victoria’s Secret model. We don’t know. But the thing that makes Jennifer Lawrence a fan favorite is that we feel like we can touch her. She puts her imperfection on display. She brings her hometown BFF to the Oscars.

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We love seeing beautiful people hangout together. But the amount of famous friends that Taylor boasts on her instagram is becoming a bit hard to believe. Who has that many famous friends? Who has that many friends in general? When Taylor first hit the scene she spoke about the bullying which she endured in high school. She related to fans as an uncool girl who made in the real world. Now she seems more and more like those perfect, popular beauties whom we hated in high school.

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We don’t begrudge Taylor her fame and success. She has certainly earned it and no one can argue that she has worked hard for it. But when we see the instagram videos of the long, lithe blonde cuddling in her fairytale home in Nashville with her social media famous kitten, we can’t laugh along with her. We would be much more likely to smile at this site if she could mention the ridiculousness of her expensively designed couch- or at least wipe off her lipstick first.

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