Diana Hopper Makes a Living Ensuring Boys Don’t F*ck Everything Up

Diana Hopper isn’t one of those girls who loves Halloween because it’s the one night a year where girls can eat lots of candy without some asshole asking them if they’re on their period, she loves it because she loves “anything spooky and scary” — kind of like her new television show, “Goliath.”

The show follows a lawyer, played by Billy Bob Thornton, seeking redemption in a legal system where the scales are more heavily weighed towards the rich and the powerful. If that sounds familiar to you, that’s exactly the point. Haven’t you heard that art imitates life, or were you sleeping through that lecture?

There are twists, there are turns, and all along the way there’s also Diana, who play’s Thornton’s teenage daughter who’s forced to follow her Dad around and make sure he doesn’t do something totally reckless and dumb.

Typical. Even on TV, boys still need girls to make sure they don’t totally fuck everything up.

Galore: OK, so fall is pretty much synonymous with new TV season, so with so much that we can be binge watching right now, why should we be binge watching your show?  

Diana Hopper: I think Billy [Bob Thornton] is just enough of a reason himself, honestly. He is absolutely incredible in it and the entire cast is as well. I think the show offers something really thrillery, which is fun for this time of year.

And tell me a little bit about your character.

My characters name is Denise McBride. She’s 16 and she’s a cool kid, you know she has a good head on her shoulders, and I think what is really interesting about her and Billy’s dynamic most of the time she is pursuing Billy and there’s a little bit of a role reversal with the two characters where you kind of get the sense that she is the parent in her own way.

Yeah well speaking of Billy have you called him and asked his thoughts about the Brangelina divorce?

Haha, no I haven’t actually. I think he would just laugh at me if I asked him that.


What’s one thing about being a working actress that you’re not allowed to complain about, but you want to complain about anyway?

It’s such a blessing to be working, but often projects take you away from your loved ones. My boyfriend is also an actor, and he’s been working abroad virtually this whole year. I was here [in LA] for the show, he’s about to come back, and I’ve now got a job in Colorado.

[I’m] not allowed to complain about it, because we are so blessed to be working but I’d be lying to you if I said it wasn’t such a challenge.

Okay, well since you’ve been doing this long distance relationship for a year what are some tips that you have from your experience to like help make things work?

The time zones are completely different, but we always say good morning and good night to kind of close off the day even if there isn’t much time to talk in between.

What’s your sign by the way?

I’m a Pisces, Leo rising.

I don’t know how much you believe in all of that but have you checked like are your signs compatible with your boyfriends?

So its funny because they’re actually not. Like they’re supposed to be super not compatible, but its interesting because its not like a black and white thing.

First of all, if you’re talking about astrology, you have a whole entire chart which is why I say my rising sign too, which is how I come off to others.

I’m a Leo rising, which is a fire sign, and my boyfriend is a fire sign and you can justify it that way and [then] you have where Venus was and where Mars was and where all the planet were when you were born, which supposedly contributes to your personality so you can dig really deep.


What’s one 2016 beauty or fashion trend that you think we are going to look back on in 10 years and just cringe on?

What I just can’t really stand is super super heavy contouring of the face. Like I get a nice highlight, I get a light subtle contour, but when someone’s wearing so so much make up I don’t ever think it looks good.

I feel you, unless you’re like performing to an arena of people who’ve paid hundreds of dollars to see your face, maybe you don’t need quite so much.  

It’s become so in vogue that people get desensitized about it and when you really look at how much product they are putting on their face, it’s like you’re smothering your skin.

Plus it’s not just your skin you’re smothering, you’re smothering yourself by just putting on this perfect mask.

It’s very uniform, and that’s what’s scary too. There’s a sense of beauty in 2016, and maybe it’s throughout the ages too, where everyone starts to look the same and that’s disturbing.

Last question: what is your favorite Halloween candy?

I used to love getting the pixie sticks and I used love tootsie rolls. OMG, I used to love tootsie rolls.

Really? You are the only person I’ve ever heard say that.

I like love tootsie rolls, shameless.

What is it about them? I’m fascinated right now.

I don’t even know, I guess I’ve just been fed them since I was a kid. I just love them, couldn’t even tell you why.

Photo credit: Riker Brothers Photography

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