This line of oil-based skincare will make you look dewy with no makeup on

It seems that while there’s a very fine line between sweating and glistening, that very line is where 90% of us (75% of statistics are made up on the spot) strive to be these days as it pertains to ~beauty~. In short: being “dewy, glossy, and glowy” is what’s in at this moment in time.

I can remember a time where I denounced my oily skin, which I now see as a secret weapon. It’s hard to say who or what we have to thank for this shift: it’s definitely convenient, given that it is Summer after all, and sweat is inevitable. But how can we achieve this “wet” look in a more regulated, aesthetically intentional way that looks good? And not messy?

If your default answer is, “I don’t know, lol, that seems like an oddly specific question anyway” – well, that would have been our answer too.

Enter Dewyer skincare, the skincare line that’s “clean, and straight to the point.” Unlike other skin care lines, Dewyer‘s product is oil-based, rather than water-based (which dilutes the product) or alcohol-based (which strips your skin of its natural oils). The brand’s one goal? To hydrate. Dewyer is founded on the idea that no matter how many highlighters and makeup products you use to give your skin the appearance of dew, there ain’t nothing like the real thing— actual dewy skin.

We spoke with Harley Gusman, founder of Dewyer, to get the 411 on real skin care for real people that will make your skin glow.

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What inspired the name?

The name came from the word “dew.” Everyone wants to achieve that “dewy” look, but they do so with makeup (highlighters, etc).  I wanted to be more than dewy! That’s how I came up with Dewyer. Everyone has their own pronunciation though. I let people pronounce it as they wish. Some people think it means, “do-your” skin – that works too!

What does Dewyer aim to do for the skin?

Hydrate. Most people aren’t necessarily educated on the importance of hydration as a topical use. The amount of water we are supposed to drink to maintain a healthy body should mimic the amount of hydration we put on our skin.

With hydration comes healing – blemishes disappear, skin tone evens out, and discoloration and wrinkles fade. We underestimate the power of hydration.

What are your top three must-have products for the Summer? 

Dewyer Wash, Toner, and Oil, for sure.

In what ways should oil serve as an imperative part of one’s skincare routine? 

Oil use is dependent of the person. But no matter the skin type, oil should be used on our skin at least once a day – that’s where the wash comes in. But combination skin, dry skin, and even oily skin, NEED oil to counteract the harsh toxins we experience throughout our day.

Where do you source most of the ingredients for your products? 

California and Hawaii!

How do we know which Dewyer products will work best for our skin? 

The Wash and Toner are good for all skin types – literally all. They are gentle enough to work with extremely dry skin and oily skin.

If you tend to be a little bit greasier than most, I suggest the Cream as your hydration product number three. The key is finding a routine. The only product that may be interchangeable is the third step in your routine – either the cream or the oil.

I also write a blurb on my website beside each product before you purchase.

How can Dewyer help those with oily skin still achieve a glowy, dewy look? 

Good question! Using the wash before the oil, OR using the oil just at night, or just a dab before you head out for a night on the town. It works perfect on top of makeup as an extra pop. A little dab will go a long way.

What inspired you to go into skincare? Have you always been into it?

I have always been (weirdly) obsessed with skin. I think it really began when I was younger.

Entering high school as a ninth grader, I had really bad acne and I was so self conscious. I was bullied a lot for it! I really admired women and men with beautiful skin. To me, it was so important to achieve that. So, starting as early as fifteen years old, I was very obsessive with my skin routine. I started using natural products consistently, and I began to see results.

I would concoct my own formulas – break apart aloe plants, and use tons of natural oils. I found my own answer to beautiful skin, and so it began!

What exactly goes in to creating your own skincare line?

A lot! I worked with a chemist for a while, because I knew what I wanted inside of my products, but I wasn’t sure how to break it down to INCI code names (those confusing technical terms you see on the back of your bottle under the “ingredients”).

I came up with a proprietary formula after countless testing, which, wasn’t so bad for me because I got to try out dozens of different washes, toners, and creams! Once I knew I nailed it down, I then did some studying on artwork for labels, bottling, and the whole manufacturing process.

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Where do you see the skincare and beauty industry headed? How do you feel the recent emphasis on skincare vs just makeup is important? 

The skincare industry will never die. People like feeling beautiful, and what’s more important, is we like feeling healthy. If healthy skin goes out of style, I would just assume an apocalypse is near.

I think it’s important to recognize that yes, makeup is wonderful, it’s fun, and it ALSO adds a confidence boost. But, without healthy skin first and foremost, you’d have no base to work off of. You want a clean canvas before you start painting, am I right?

The beauty industry is great but very saturated, which can be overwhelming for consumers: what differentiates your products from the rest?

My products are, first and foremost, oil based. That’s what makes them different. Beauty products normally have a water base, an alcohol base, or willow bark (to each their own), but those products aren’t giving you what your skin needs, which is hydration. Alcohol strips your skin, and water is there to dilute your product. Dewyer is feeding your pores, almost the same way you want to feed your body with rich food – oil is the richest food in the beauty world.

Also, I got really tired of other products’ confusing advertising. So many brands have product names like “moon juice facial scrub” or “super miracle butter.” WHAT is miracle butter? And why am I putting it on my face? Dewyer is clean and straight to the point.


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