Here’s the one ingredient your skincare routine desperately needs this Summer

With flawless golden hour selfies, impromptu beach trips and mini dresses comes another, considerably less exciting element: sweat.

Sweating is harmless, mostly. In fact, it’s good for us and is a part of the way our body maintains homeostasis (don’t worry, I promise that was the only time homeostasis will be mentioned in this article – I’m always looking for an excuse to use the word homeostasis, though).

That being said, Summer, and the sweat that comes along with the season, can have weird, sometimes unpredictable effects on our skin. Even people with naturally “good” skin often complain of skin problems during the Summer.

That’s because the sun effects our skin in different ways during this time of the year. And naturally, with a change in season should typically come a change in skin care. And Dr. Zoe Draelos of AmLactin is here to help.

AmLactin is a skincare brand that differs from others in that it has 3 times the amount of lactic acid in its products.

We asked Dr. Draelos all about how lactic acid, and more specifically, AmLactin, can help you achieve the Summer skin of your dreams:

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How does the Summer heat affect oily skin?  

Summer heat can make oily skin oilier. Increased humidity and summer temperatures increase both sweat and sebum production.

In what ways does the Summer weather affect dry skin? 

Summer heat can affect dry skin by making it itchier. Sweat is a cause of skin irritation and can cause itching.

What are your number one tips for people with dry skin for staying hydrated in the Summer? What about oily skin?

People with dry skin should select a light weight moisturizer that allows sweat to evaporate from the skin. Petrolatum, mineral oil, and plant oils should be avoided as they can prevent the evaporation of perspiration.

Dimethicone is a breathable moisturizer and an excellent approach for dry skin. Oily skin people may not need a moisturizer in the summer. However, everyone should select a sunscreen containing moisturizer to prevent sun damage.

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What are some common skincare mistakes people make?  

People commonly forget to put sunscreen on the back of their ears. An easy place to get a sunburn and ball caps do not protect this area.

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How often should people really exfoliate? 

Physical exfoliation, with a brush or pad, should be done weekly. However, daily exfoliation can be accomplished safety daily with a lactic acid moisturizer.

What exactly does lactic acid do for the skin? 

Lactic acid increases the ability of the skin to hold water. It also encourages dead skin to slough and exfoliate creating better hydrated smoother skin.

What are some must-haves in a Summer skincare routine? 

A sunscreen in a must have for everyone.

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