People Couldn’t Stop Dabbing During The Presidential Debate Last Night

Last night Republican candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich faced off for a debate in Detroit that may be remembered as that debate where Donald Trump said his penis wasn’t small, or it could be remembered as that debate where three audience members started dabbing because they realized they were on camera and YOLO.

Can you believe that Google searches for “how to move to Canada” have risen 350% this week?

Naturally, as soon as some people saw that two random teenagers were dabbing behind Megyn Kelly, there was mild to incendiary outrage: 

While some people were confused about it:

And some people thought it was the best part of the whole debate:

And one guy thought it was a really great idea and stared doing it from his seat behind the other moderator.

While we may never know the identity of the Republican dabbers, as only 50 of the 400 tickets allocated to the Republican Party for the evening were given away to the public, chances are these three dabbers are somehow related to some Republican politicians who are probably less than thrilled right now.

Of course that detail makes the whole thing even funnier.

We knew there was a way to make politics more relatable to millennials.

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