Galore x The Crème Shop Beauty Oasis Recap

Coachella FOMO? You’re not alone. Here’s what went down at our party last weekend to kick of Coachella weekend one.

The Galore x The Crème Shop Beauty Oasis was the perfect stop for anyone looking to primp, sip, and vibe to awesome music from our live performers Tiffany Young, Farrah Moan, Soju, Alex Chapman, Jada Boo, Salma Slims, Margie Plus, and Chester Lockhart.

Guests sipped (and sometimes chugged) Babe wines. If they were feeling a little frisky—they could make a mixer with Get Hot Tequila or Carbonadi Vodka, which went dangerously deliciously with Hint Water & Glow Sparkling Water.

For those who wanted to chill out a bit more than they wanted of turn up, Pure Kana CBD was provided to keep us calm before the storm. And what’s a goodie bag without a lil’ pre-roll from Lowell Farms?

To up our selfie game—or touch-up our looks before hitting another after party, our beauty oasis was stocked with products from our fave brands: The Crème Shop & Sexy Hair.

Oh, and in the midst of turning up—we got our fortune read by The Crème Shop tarot card reader and she said we’re 100% that bitch.

Rachel McCord
Salma Slims
What’s your flavor, Babe?
Tiffany Young
Soju gets her tarot cards read.
Guests enjoyed Butterfinger Candy Pop snacks
Justine Mae Biticon
Braids stay put with Sexy Hair‘s perfect spray.
Margie Plus
Preventative hangover care? Sign us up, Pure Kana!
Guests had their choice of Carbonadi Vodka, Get Hot Tequila,Hint Water, Glow Sparkling Water, & Babe Rose.
Soju & Farrah Moan
Pre-roll? Don’t mind if we do. Thanks, Lowell Farms!
Jasmine Sanders, Danielle Herrington,
Prince, Draya Michele, Jacob, X
Jasmine Sanders, Danielle Herrington
A girl can never have too much highlight…The Crème Shop kept our faces lit for the perfect snap with their Aurora highlighters.
The Crème Shop kept our skin hydrated in the desert heat with their hydrating rose water spray.
Get your own spray here.
Draya Michele
Farrah Moan
Jacob, Tiffany Young, & Prince
Margie Plus performs
Tiffany Young gets her palm read
Guests light up with Lowell Farms.
Guests drop a dose of CBD from Pure Kana.
Ashley Tisdale
Yes, this Sexy Hair spray actually protects colored hair from the sun—perf for any festival fairy.
Truly Young
The Crème Shop zodiac masks were perfect to take home for some R&R after a crazy weekend. What’s your sign bb?

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