The Cool Girl Guide to London’s Notting Hill Carnival

All month long, Galore is your new best travel buddy. Today, Kylie Griffiths and Mali Koa take us with them as they party at London’s Notting Hill Carnival. Click here for more travel content.

Notting Hill Carnival proves a vibrant time for London City and as the summer days roll on we pray to the British weather demi-gods for sunshine to match the celebrations.

This year is no different as we prep two potential (weather conscious) outfits and head cross town to Notting Hill Gate.

Carnival, with such a strong cultural ties at the core, was brought about in the late 50’s. With racial tensions at an all time high and riots throughout the UK and London in particular, Notting Hill Carnival was organized by social worker Rhaune Lauslett in the hope of mending rifts by bringing community together through song and dance. The streets are filled with people and are happily complimented by the smell of Caribbean food and sounds of blaring horns and party whistles. We wandered around the sunshine filled day and were greeted by song and dance at every corner.

This year we were lucky to attend the Converse Notting Hill Carnival party, that saw plenty of food and Red Stripe to go around. Ladbroke Grove’s Dock Kitchen was decked out in theme, with bunting in red, green and yellow across the dance floor. With performances and DJ sets throughout the day, highlights included a guest set by Lady Leshurr to wrap up our sunny afternoon.

Mali Koa & Kylie G xx

Some of our best friends and Kylie’s fiancé Carl Potter Wilson celebrate with their Red Stripes in tow.


Two snaps of Lady Leshurr during the finale of her set, as she manages to crowd surf her way around the dance floor on the shoulders of party revellers.

This guy had grillz and a winning smile to match

The weather stayed beautiful and warm all day, and the Dock Kitchen played the perfect location for the day party

We ran into these two beautiful dancers as they strutted their stuff in gold. So much love for the enthusiasm and a million points for ensembles.

We ran into this guy as we left the station, the little furry thing around his neck is his life companion and little kitty.

Police patrol the streets throughout the entire weekend with a heavy presence at Notting Hill Carnival every year.

As with any huge celebration it’s important to try and keep the streets safe. Our favorite thing is when we see some of them participating in some light hearted dancing and winding. Props to keeping the fun alive.

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