Certified Breakout Artist Malú Trevejo Clues Us In On Her Show-Stopping, Bilingual Music and Influences

Interview conducted by JaJuan M. Morris-Guity 

With a show-stopping voice, undeniable energy, and no shortage of attitude, Malú Trevejo emerged as an undeniable phenomenon by simply being herself. Now, she places her personality front-and-center on a series of singles and her forthcoming debut project for Atlantic Records slated for 2022.

Of Cuban and Spanish descent, the Miami-based multiplatinum singer, performer, personality, and actress born Malú Trevejo reached levels of unprecedented success all before her 18th birthday. She initially exploded with the RIAA Latin platinum-certified breakout “Lune Lluna,” paving the way for collaborations with the likes of superstar duo Gente de Zona, Haraca Kiko, and Jeon as well as packed shows across the United States, Spain, and Latin America. She also graced the bill of Lollapalooza as one of the first Latinas on the Chicago stage with the likes of J Balvin and Rosalía. Beyond racking up hundreds of millions of streams, she attracted an audience of 35 million-plus followers across social media platforms.


1. For those who may not be familiar with your story, tell us about your origins and how your background has influenced your work? 

I’m from Cuba. I was born there and raised in Spain but when I was 14, I moved to Miami with my mom who I don’t speak to any more.

Miami has influenced my music the most. It made me connect more with my Latin culture. Miami will always feel like home and a safe place for me.

2. Who are your biggest artistic influences? 

My biggest artist influences are Rihanna, Shakira and JLo… just three really strong woman I’ve looked up to since I was a little girl. I would always copy Riri moves and Shakira moves and would grab that JLo attitude and passion.

3. What was the inspiration behind your most recent gem: “Complicado” and how did the collaboration with Luar La L come about?

My team and his team knew each other and we knew each other as well. We then decided to do a track together and it was fucking cool. He’s got a lot of talent and it was fun working with him.

And, “Complicado” just talks about how people never take relationships seriously and there’s always a “but “ to everything.

4. Being an artist who makes both English and Spanish music, what does your creative process look like? 

Lots of fun! I love both so I can’t chose but I also love trying new things and making different types of music. Now I feel like I’m closer than ever to actually finding my sound.

5. How did you make the most of social media early on in your career? When did you realize that social media was a tool that you needed to be intentional about? 

I always made videos of myself singing and dancing. I was just being me … and then I realized, with that many people I could actually take my singing career to the next level.

6. Given today’s hectic climate due to the pandemic, what are some things you’ve been doing to nourish your well-being and happiness over the last year? 

Honestly, I feel depressed most of the time but that’s just what the human mind can do to anyone, especially if you have suffered in the past and have had trauma. But I love being in the studio… that really helps or being with my dogs.

7. Since reaching superstardom, what is some of the best advice you’ve received? 

Patience is the key for success. And everything that’s for you, will come at the right time.

8. How has your career evolved since dropping your debut single: “Luna Llena” back in 2017? 

It’s been good. I had to stop making music for a bit due to some issues with my parents and the team I was working with. So now I’m kinda just kicking it back up.

9. What are some of your creative pursuits outside of the music industry? You used to be into acting at one point, right? 

Yes, I love acting and hopefully I get to be in one of my favorite scary movies. I would also love to model. I always like doing different stuff I’m down for whatever.

11. If you could do a collaboration with any other modern-day artist, who would it be and why? 

The Weeknd, Party Next Door, Cardi B and Myke Towers. I just listen to them all day I would loveeeee to work with them. I love what they do.

12. Imagine five years into the future, where do you see yourself and your brand? 

Big! And where I visualize myself… ima manifest it and it’s better not saying it 🙂

13. With 2021 coming to a close soon, what else can we expect from Malú Trevejo?

Just a lot of new music and hopefully movies


Interview conducted by JaJuan M. Morris-Guity 

Edited by Shirley Reynozo


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