This Celeb Child Will Def Out-Weird Jaden & Willow Smith

Have you ever watched a Die Antwoord video?

Here, if not, pause your life and take a gander:

I mean, what in the name of fuck.

Now what if I told you that Ninja and Yolandi Visser, the members of Die Antwoord, have an actual child together? And her name is Sixteen and she is now entering the world of famous celeb children?

Here, you can see a picture of her — Sixteen Jones — sitting front-row with her dad, Ninja, at Alexander Wang. I assumed at first glance she was his new girlfriend or something, which is awkward and I’m sorry to all involved. She’s not his girlfriend. She’s his daughter.


9:26 PM | @zaf_alien sits in the front row of #WANGSS17 with his daughter Sixteen. Photo: @sherlyrabbani

A photo posted by ALEXANDER WANG (@alexanderwangny) on

Nobody seems to know how old she is, which isn’t surprising considering Die Antwoord rarely share any actual info about themselves with fans. In a 2012 story that points out she appears in casual blackface in the “I Fink U Freeky” video excerpted above, she was reported to be seven years old. That would mean she’s currently 11, which seems a little sus. Maybe she’s just tall for her age?

Also, someone made a fan video with pictures of her throughout her life, if you want to watch that.

Anyway, judging by her white winged eyeliner, castoff Eminem circa “8 Mile” T-shirt dress, and totally batshit parents, we expect that young Sixteen will be bizarre af now that she’s in the public eye. Can’t wait for her first Willow Smith-esque single and interview.

But of course, if she’s a real rebel, she’ll disavow her parents’ shock-rap lifestyle and become an accountant and marry a Republican. Your move, Sixteen.

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