Why People Are Mad Casey Affleck Won an Oscar

You might have noticed some anger surrounding Casey Affleck’s win last night at the Oscars for his in “Manchester By the Sea.”

Not only was outrage all over social media, even some of the other actresses and actors in attendance seemed confused by his win. Especially Denzel Washington, who was also nominated for best actor for his role in “Fences.”

This is because Casey has a bit of a reputation. Ben Affleck’s lil bro is at the center of several sexual harassment allegations, with former colleagues suing him for unwanted advances.

You hear that? Colleagues, as in the plural. Not one colleague, but two!

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Both the producer and director of photography who worked with Casey on the 2010 mockumentary project starring Joaquin Phoenix called “I’m Still Here” allege Casey harassed them.

Magdalena Gorka was brought on as the director of photography for the project, and, in her lawsuit, claims she was sexually harassed daily on set. The crew, which was all male, constantly made lewd comments about her.

The camera assistant was accused of being one of the worst offenders, allegedly bragging about the size of his peen to Magdalena. Casey was present while all this was happening, and rather than stepping in to stop it, he suggested she should sleep with the assistant, according to the lawsuit.

Even worse, while filming in New York, Casey had the crew stay at his apartment rather than renting out hotel rooms for them. The only female on the crew was Magdalena, and Casey allegedly told her she could stay in his room while he slept on the couch. However, in the middle of the night she says she woke up, and he was next to her in only his boxers. According to the lawsuit, Casey also reeked of alcohol.

Magdalena says she left the project immediately.

Meanwhile, Amanda White, who was a producer on the project, says she was experiencing similar harassment from Casey and the film crew. According to her lawsuit, there was even one alleged instance where Casey told a crew member to take off his pants and show Amanda his junk.

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The suit claims Amanda was also asked to renegotiate the agreement with Magdalena because Casey wanted to rehire her. Magdalena, believing that the set would be a safer work environment because of Amanda’s presence, agreed to come back. However, things just got worse.

While shooting on location in Costa Rica, Amanda and Magdalena claim they shared a room where the crew was staying, and after dinner one night, Casey and Joaquin allegedly locked themselves in Amanda and Magdalena’s room with two women and engaged in “sexual activities.” Not in their own rooms, but in the two women’s room for no apparent reason, while Amanda and Magdalena weren’t there. Weird if true.

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Magdalena says she resigned from the project shortly afterwards, but Amanda persisted to try and negotiate her producer’s fee. While shooting in San Francisco, Amanda told Casey that she had to return to LA because of prior obligations. He wanted her to stay, and when she refused, she claims he became aggressive and violently grabbed her arm.

She still left, and Casey allegedly continued to harass her by sending mean texts.

Those are just a few of the instances claimed in the two lawsuits. Casey agreed to mediation of the suits, and settlements were eventually reached, so we’ll never know how much is true.

Casey’s lawyer denied everything in 2010, saying the allegations “were preposterous and without merit.” Whether it’s true, false, or somewhere in between, though, people are pissed that Hollywood seems to have ignored the allegations completely. The allegations against Casey Affleck have basically been swept under the rug — plenty of people don’t even know there was a lawsuit.

To add insult to injury, the person who presented him the award was Brie Larson. She won the Oscar for best actress last year for playing a victim of abuse in the movie “Room,” and she didn’t look too stoked to be presenting Casey with the award.

The Academy turned their heads away from the allegations, and even though the claims are far from what Brie’s character in “Room” experienced, they proved that sexual harassment is still not taken seriously in Hollywood.

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