Lana Del Rey Is Apparently Getting Into Witchcraft to Defeat Trump

In the last week since Lana Del Rey’s new song and space-themed music video for “Love” were released, she’s been really pushing the intergalactic aesthetic.

This was exciting to fans, leading them to believe that maybe the new album would have an out-of-this-world theme, but now it looks like she might be heading in a new direction: witchcraft?

Lana tweeted a photo of herself last night holding up her hand against a rather bewitching red backdrop. She also tweeted four dates, which are symbolic for a certain reason.

The four dates also happen to be the same dates that witches around the world are set to cast a mass spell on President Donald Trump until he is removed from office.

The days are when the moon is a waning crescent, and the mass spells must be performed “At the stroke of midnight,” as Lana tweeted, for the spell to work.

But this isn’t the first time Lana has been suspected of getting involved in the dark arts. A few months ago, she changed her bio on Instagram to “solve et coagula,” which is an alchemy term, meaning that things must be broken down into their elemental or most basic components to be build up again.

There’s also a Satanic idol named Baphomet who is the goat-headed figure who has on each arm tattooed “Solve” and “Coagula.”

Another interesting part of this photo is the way she is holding up her hand, which is sign language for the letter “B.” This could signify a number of things, but we’re assuming that she may release more photos on the dates she tweeted.

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If you’re interesting in performing this mass spell with Lana on next month’s date, which is March 26, you can find all of the ingredients and the actual spell itself here.

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