Caroline Kingsbury Defends the Joy of Self-Expression in “Our House”

Among the numerous songs that are released on a weekly basis, it is hard to find stories that find their way into our hearts. “Our House” is evidence that it is still possible to deliver songs that capture audiences with high-energy melodies and careful writing. Penned by the unapologetically bold artist Caroline Kingsbury, this gem is destined to become an anthem for the crowds. 

Caroline Kingsbury is the type of artist who does not chase the elusive notion of being “cool.” Instead, she revels in her authenticity, bold and magnetic. Her textured vocals, vibrant 80s-inspired sounds, and colorful aesthetic have catapulted her into the spotlight, making her a queer icon. Her work and style have already been recognized by the media. For example, Pitchfork praised her emotive power, reminiscent of 80s legends like Heart. There is no doubt then of her ability to evoke raw emotions through her art.

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Being raised in Florida, Caroline’s upbringing was pretty conservative, but her passion for songwriting led her on a different trajectory. It was not until she moved to Los Angeles that she found her voice. Being there, she explored her queer identity through infectious 80s pop/rock music. As a result of her incursions in the genre, she conceived her debut album, “Heaven’s Just A Flight.” It was a collage of eras and styles that paid homage to icons like Kate Bush and Karen O. 

Caroline Kingsbury is ready to bring it on one more time. Her latest song, “Our House,” is a loud statement against the limits of expression and joy. The song emphasizes ownership, a space carved out by love and shared experiences. Society may label them as “crazy,” but their freedom lies in defying norms. It’s a declaration that their love transcends judgment and that we can all dance our own rhythm.

The lyrics and the music for “Our House” blend perfectly to present a welcoming hymn of a unique place that is both, happy and careless. Don’t be mistaken, though. This joy is not naive. It accepts the difficulties on the road but encourages us to surpass each one of them. 

This house is a safe place where healing happens, desires are met, and the connection is emotional and spiritual. There’s no obligation to stay or leave, it’s a choice, a refuge from the storms outside. Caroline Kingsbury’s lyrics encourage us to embrace joy without shame and to revel in our desires. “Our House” isn’t just a song; it’s an invitation—to love fiercely, to create our own paradises, and to dance in the face of convention. So, turn up the volume, dance to the beat, and let Caroline Kingsbury’s music remind you that being true to yourself is the ultimate rebellion. 

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Cover Photo: Milo Lee

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