Cara Delevingne Just Proved She Was Never ‘Too Bloated’ for Victoria’s Secret

We all know the tabloids get away with lying all the time, but it’s not everyday that a tabloid’s lie gets so publicly exposed for what it is.

This morning, Cara Delevingne posted a letter sent to her by Ed Razek, the Chief marketing officer for Victoria’s Secret and executive producer for the VS fashion show, debunking the rumor that Cara was turned down during her casting in 2014 because she was “too bloated.”

Although this gossip is hardly new, I remember hearing it 2 years ago, on October 30 The Sun reprinted the claim in a new article about how grueling the VS fashion show casting process is, and how even models who’ve walked the show for years can get turned down during the audition if they’ve gotten too fat or out of shape.

To The Sun’s credit, they didn’t try and pass off the gossip as as a rock solid fact in the actual article, but their headline, “Heavenly Body-Shaming Victoria’s Secret blast ‘bloated’ Cara Delevingne as ‘fat, flat’ models come under fire,” was a bit of a sensationalist stretch.

“Victoria’s Secret rarely comments on tabloid gossip, but this week’s article in British paper The Sun regarding you and the 2014 Victoria’s Secret fashion show is a complete fabrication,” Ed Razek wrote to Cara.

“Contrary to The Sun’s claims, which they never bothered to fat check with me, Victoria’s Secret made every effort to have you in the London show. I know, because I was the one making the effort. As a matter of fact, you were the first person invited, months ahead of anyone else. The alleged casting, where supposedly disparaging remarks were made, never happened. There was NO casting. You had already been enthusiastically confirmed. The sole reason you ultimately couldn’t join us was the movie you were shooting in North Carolina.”

Ed Razek then went on to say, “allow me to extend the invitation once agin. If you’re free on November 30, please join us in Paris. As always, we’d love to have you. No casting necessary.”

🖕🏽🌞 🖕🏽it’s shameless to discuss women’s bodies just to sell papers #bloated ❤️ @victoriassecret

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Cara offered no sign of whether or not she’d be taking Ed up on his offer or not, my gut tells me never in a million years, but if VS got Karlie Kloss to agree to come back to do the show then anything is possible.

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