You Can Actually Clean Your Jean Jacket By Freezing It

We’re all too aware of the perils of washing a great denim jacket.

Even the CEO of Levis Strauss, Chip Bergh, advises people not to wash their denim. While speaking at Fortune’s Brainstorm Green conference, Chip said he was wearing a pair of jeans that had “yet to see a washing machine” in over a year. Like… what?!

However, letting a denim jacket go unwashed might not fly in civilized society. But don’t worry people, there’s a pretty simple solution, and it’s called “the freezer.” No like, all you need is a large plastic bag and your freezer.

First, you fold your jacket nicely and place it in the plastic bag. Then you place the bag in your freezer. Let it sit overnight! The cold temperature actually will kill any odor-causing bacteria. Usually, bacteria thrives in warm and moist environments, and that’s gross!

Not only will your denim jacket keep in its original state much better than placing it in the washing machine ever would, but your jacket will feel crisp and cool the next time you wear it.


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