Camila Cabello Released a New Song With Selena & Ariana’s Producer

Camila Cabello has been killing it since she left her previous musical group, 5th Harmony. Her song with Machine Gun Kelly, “Bad Things,” has been on the Billboard Top Ten list for weeks.

Now, she has released her first song of 2017 into Trump’s America. It’s called “Love Incredible.”

A collaboration with producer Cashmere Cat, the song demonstrates a new style for the pop princess. Though there is much more auto-tuning than Camila needs, the song is a catchy high-pitched trip. Camila’s natural voice is the bomb, so I am a tad confused.

Is this the influence of Cashmere Cat or is this her new style of 2017?

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Cashmere Cat has worked with some of the top pop divas in the music business, including Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande. Cashmere Cat appeared on the international electronic dance music scene in 2012, with remixes and edits of songs by Lana Del Rey, 2 Chainz, and Jeremiah. Later in 2014, he is credited as a featured artist and producer on Ariana Grande hit 2014 Album “My Everything.”

Now, set to release his first debut studio album this year, various singles have been released from the album. The first was Wild Love featuring the big names like The Weeknd, which was released in late August.

In September, Cashmere Cat released his second single off of his debut studio album Trust Nobody featuring Selena Gomez and Tory Lanez. A dope music video for this song was released in November, which shows dancers grooving in the sunset.

In December, Cashmere Cat released a fourth single with Two Chains called “Throw Myself a Party“, which is probably the most boring rap song ever created.

Now, today, his new song with Camila was released and it sounds like everything else he has produced. She doesn’t stand out as the voice on the track. Actually, I think you lose her in this jam as the voice is so misty. I think this is just Cashmere’s style but not a testament to Camila’s skill. Camila babe, we love your voice and wanna hear more of it!

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