C. Tangana brings the Madrid heat to his music

Bringing the heat, C. Tangana is the hottest spanish rapper setting the charts on fire.

Orginally from Madrid, Spain, he is making a name for himself globally and trailblazing for rappers alike. Finding inspiration through the women he meets and places he travels to, C. Tangana is determining his own future and paving his own way through the music industry.

Galore was able to catch up with the Spanish heartthrob, check out the gushing interview below!

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How would you explain your level or creative artistry into words that people will understand your vision?

Dope shit. I can’t really explain it, I began rapping in my home and now I’m here. I consider myself a son of  Kanye and J.D. Salinger with Spain’s mystical charm along with flirty Madrid vibes. I want people to talk about me when im dead.

You have fallen in love with Los Angeles. What exactly has made her your muse?

There’s a lot of things. The vibe is completely different to my city, it inspires me, I had a mythical image of Hollywood and as a child I read a lot of Bukowski. It has the Chateau. Of course, I also have a girl  here that drives me crazy. There is a small community of Spanish creatives, LITTLE SPAIN, people from the art world, poets, cinema, music … we also share leaving our country for “greener” pastures.. It has EL Floridita!!!, it has my BROKE KIDS, a collective of my dear homies that I love. I don’t know, I feel  it’s clear that LA is calling my name.

What inspires C. Tangana?

Frustration, women with determination, large amounts of money, flamenco, mistakes and deceit,  Virginie Despentes, love, intercontinental flights, sex with girls that don’t give a fuck, Borges, women who want to feel desired, Russian literature, disinhibition, self made success and the success of others, the need to be respected, to read “no budget restrictions”, art, proud women, capitalist culture, to fool around with the dark side of things, salsa music, the night.

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Favorite Color?

Red and black.

Favorite Film?

Huevos de Oro (I highly recommend this film, it’s the story of my life but with less fiction) and Goodfellas.

What is your favorite place to party in Spain?

I had many places, but the place I love the most now is my house.

Who is your inspiration?

A woman.

Favorite song at the moment?

“La Pasta”(The Money),  it’s a song that I recently did with Tainy and Sky.

What is next for 2019?

Adventures around the world, we’ll see each other in Los Angeles I’m sure. x


Photography by Prince and Jacob

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