This Brow Gel Is Secretly 3 Products in One

If you’ve ever scrolled down to the product reviews on the Sephora website, you might have realized that Sephora shoppers go deep. It’s not just about if the product was good or not, it’s about where they wore the product, it’s about if the product lasted during their all-day orgy, it’s about how a product helped them get a job.

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More importantly, reviewers are always quick to share a little makeup trick or tip, which is amazing.

Byrdie highlighted some of their fave tips from Sephora reviews, and they noticed that multiple reviewers suggest using Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Brow for a variety of things besides just their brows.

Sure, the brow gel does a great job filling, defining, and lengthening brows, but Sephora reviewers have other uses for the $23 product too.

Sephora reviewer jem1 says she applies it over her brow pencil to lock it in all day, and then on top of her mascara to prevent raccoon eyes, which is fucking genius, because who doesn’t have those mascara problems after a long night?

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Another reviewer, melissa929, says she uses the brow gel to smooth down the baby hairs along her forehead and flyaways, which is perfect if you’re going for that sleek pony look and don’t feel like stealing your brother’s hair gel.

Whether you’re looking for bold brows or the perfect sleek updo, we totally get why this brow gel has so many fans. You can buy it for $23, so what are you waiting for?

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