Bully Singer Alicia Bognanno’s Ingredients For Writing a Killer Tune

Radically fabulous guitar giant Fender released their newest Offsets Collection earlier this month, and they collaborated with singer Alicia Bognanno of the band Bully to create this cool exclusive video, giving us a sneak peak behind the curtain of what goes into creating music.

This radical video gives us a glimpse of how the artwork for the band is created and even shows us what kinds of items Alicia likes to have around in order to keep that positive energy flowing freely. She also shows us which of the Fender guitars are her faves including the Duo-sonic and the Mustang from the new Offsets collection

We also got a chance to ask Alicia some questions about what it takes to be a pretty killer musician like herself — from apprenticeships with former Nirvana Producers to learning to mix to tape analog-style, Alicia is the real deal.

Check the video out below, peep the Q&A, and then check out Bully on the socials!

What are a few elements that you could not have gone without in making you the musician you are today?

Bully wouldn’t be a band if I had never picked up an electric guitar so that would be the first thing that comes to mind. Also, if it wasn’t for my friend Stewart I don’t know if I would have had the confidence in myself or music to start a band, so I am eternally grateful for him pushing me to pursue it. In a lot of ways studying audio engineering has motivated me to be a better musician and I don’t think Bully would be the same without that aspect of it.

What has been the biggest turning point in your music career so far? A moment you realized something about yourself that you didn’t before?

There’s no one big specific turning point that comes to mind, but I would say that I definitely learn more and more about myself during the writing process and I think as a band we are constantly learning more about each other as people and as musicians with every tour and record.

Do you have any rituals that you do on tour or before a show that you have to do for good luck?

We usually all do jumping jacks and then hi five each other before shows. It sounds really corny but it puts everyone in a good mood and gets everyone on the same page before we play.

What do you do while on your to keep yourself busy? Read books? Write more songs? Draw weird pictures?

Listen to podcasts, read books or graphic novels depending on my patience and sometimes I go through phases of doing things I don’t normally do like knitting, or trying to learn another language or origami. I also have a travel guitar that I like to play in the van so if I’m in the mood I will write.

Why do you love Fender and the Offsets design?

Fender makes great guitars and amps for whatever tone or sound you are looking for. I Love the offset design because it’s lightweight and very comfortable to play live and I am also able to find the thick, beefy tone with the duo sonic that I can’t find a lot of other places.

How has Fender supported you in your music career?

They have made really great sounding guitars and amps that we use to make music with, night after night.

What’s the best part about being in Bully?

Being able to play shows every night, writing music and having a positive output for any built up negative energy.


For More on Bully:

Web: www.bullythemusic.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bullythemusic

Twitter: www.twitter.com/bully

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bullythemusic


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