Oops, Britney’s Bra Tried to Leave Work Early

You know how you have those days when you’d rather do anything than show up to work, but you’re poor and don’t wanna get fired so you do it anyway?

Britney’s bra had that kind of day on Saturday night.

All her bra wanted to do was take shots off some scantily clad go-go boy’s chest on the strip with her BFF Britney, but like a Mom, Brit Brit insisted they be responsible and go to work instead.

Britney’s bra wasn’t having it though and proceeded to try and leave work early the only way she knew how — by falling off, multiple times.

Unfortunately for the bra, Britney’s backup dancers kept putting her back on and her plan was thwarted.

Bummer, bra.

Better luck next time.

Although word of advice, you better watch it or Britney will fire your ass and you’ll end up on a trash heap living a very different life than the cushy Vegas existence you’re used to.

[H/T Perez]

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