Watch Britney Lap Up Milk Like a Sexy Cat In Her New Music Video

I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say that Britney Spears’ new music video is weird.

For the first thirty seconds, things look spooky.

A car pulls up to a big ole rusty mansion gate that opens on its own, but then the music kicks in, Britney takes off her fur coat, and you quickly realize Britney’s just pulling up to a sex party.

Only it’s not what you imagine when you think “sex party,” it’s the kind where men stand outside juggling knives and inside, there’s a bunch of people standing around blowing bubbles and wearing cat ears.

Seriously, there’s so many cat ears.





Then again, what else would you expect from a song called “Slumber Party” with lyrics like:

“I think I see confetti from this position / pillow fights and feathers overdosin‘ / smells like cologne and candy lotion / like a slumber party.”

“It’s kind of like a younger Eyes Wide Shut theme,” film studies 201 student Britney told Mario Lopez in October. “So, it’s kind of a little risqué. It’s very sexy, it’s it’s very moody — and it’s fun! It’s fun.”

And nothing says risqué sexy fun like that scene towards the end when Britney gets down on all fours and proceeds to lap up milk like a sexy cat.




Say it with me everybody, Meow!

Stay weird, Brit Brit.

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