Bria Myles’ Biggest Secret To Achieving Healthy Curls

Model and music manager Bria Myles understands the importance of looking good.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Bria was surrounded by the hottest style and beauty trends at an early age. Now, the self proclaimed “music guru” is still running LA, all while maintaining her strict skincare regimen, staying fit, eating clean, and not stressing about the little things. We’ve been crushing on Bria’s curls for quite a while, so we met up with the beauty babe to find out how she keeps her hair so healthy. Here’s what she had to say:

You went to Fairfax High! What was it like going to high school in the middle of Los Angeles?

Like a movie [laughing]. You know, like Clueless. That movie is a good reference to understand the magnitude of how lovely it was to go to school right in the middle of everything poppin’. I would walk down Melrose Avenue to shop or window shop almost everyday after school!


I learned when I was 23 years old. I was like enough is enough – this is a mandatory course I need to pass in order to graduate into womanhood. I started asking my friends who were strippers to teach me and they did and now I’m phenomenal [laughing]. I can twerk while sitting down, like really… it still impresses me to this day.

What are 6 places you can NEVER twerk in?

Pretty much church or where a pastor or priest would be present is the only place I’d say absolutely don’t even think about twerking. Every other spot or event can be excused in some way. I do twerk dances from sheer excitement sometimes without even realizing! But 6 specific places would be…

1. Church

2. Bible study

3. Sunday school

4. A baptism

5. Private school, or any religious institution…

6. A funeral… that’d be just so inappropriate [laughing].

You have the most beautiful curls! How do you keep your curly hair healthy? Any specific products? 

Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls is my go-to product, but I have a whole process. The products are 50% of the battle. How you use them is the rest. I use Miss Jessie’s as conditioner. Basically, I do the co-wash method. I put it all throughout my curls, comb them out, and then rinse the product out. That way my curls have product residue, but never feel weighed down from the product itself. You can do this with any conditioner, but Miss Jessie’s really gets the curls activated!

Obv you have a great ass, but like… where do you buy such flattering jeans?

[Laughing] I’m going to need a cheque after this shout out — @Topshop. It’s an inexpensive alternative to Citizens of Humanity, which is another brand I absolutely love, but Topshop jeans are literally my fav right now.

It’s basically bikini season. What are your thoughts on the monokini?

[Laughing] What’s that?

What are some of your fav things to do in Los Angeles? I’m bored here!

Eat! That’s my fav thing to do [laughing]. There are so many hidden gems all over LA. Try Silverlake, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood… the restaurants in those neighborhoods are so delicious. Also, there’s so many theme parks and movie theaters!

What’s some advice you’d give the younger you about your modeling career?

From a skincare regimen, staying fit, eating clean, and not stressing, start taking care of yourself early on. It all helps you maintain a young, fresh, and vibrant look.

Weed or wine? Why?

Women, weed, and weather! I’m a Cali girl all the way… Lil’ LA!

Photography by Cherry Collaborative

Hair by Jaquel Jones

Makeup by Helen Calderon

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