Brandon Boyd Designs Jewelry You Can Buy For Your BF But Steal For Yourself

Everyone has a different opinion on male jewelry. Some people think it’s badass and gives off rocker vibes. Some people think it ruins the gender roles that society has worked so hard to preserve since the beginning of time. But whatever your stance on jewelry, there’s no denying that Brandon Boyd and Ali Grace’s new jewelry line is pretty sweet

We talked to Brandon and Ali about one serious issue with jewelry: when it gets in the way during sex. We also discussed how to get your bae to ease into rocking some bling and which pieces would make an awesome gift for him.

Alright so, we all know that jewelry can make things kinda awkward during sex. What are your thoughts on taking it off before or after sex?

Brandon: It has occurred to me that it’s better to take it off before you start smacking your date in the face with it, I think. Unless it’s like soft, plush jewelry.

Is it awkward to take it off before though?

Brandon: You gotta keep eye contact when you’re taking it off, you both have to be removing jewelry but the eye contact will suggest that it’s going down right now.

If you were going on a first date, which piece would you wear from the collection?

Brandon: I would Mr. T it, I would put all of it on.

Maybe give her a piece if you liked her?

Brandon: Yes, and then take it off of her! We could just be taking each other’s jewelry off.

What can you tell about a guy based on the jewelry he is wearing?

Ali: A lot. I’m definitely not drawn to guys who wear super flashy, big bracelets and rings all at once. That’s why we did understated designs with the hidden black diamonds.

Brandon: She kept asking me, “would you wear this Brandon?” So we kind of based the collection on that weird little thing, “would you wear this?” “Yes!” “Not that though.”

Ali: We didn’t have a lot of those, which was good.

Brandon: Yeah you can tell a lot about a person by what they wear in general, most people by their shoes. You can tell a lot about me based on my dirty Birkenstocks and Christmas socks [gesturing to his shoes]. But then hiding black diamonds on my hand, ooh what does that suggest? Confusion? Mystery?

Ali: A man of mystery.

Brandon: Indecision perhaps?

Are there any no-no’s that you think guys should never wear in terms of jewelry?

Brandon: Maybe for guys, no bedazzling, that’s rhinestones, right? Unless it was like an explosion of rhinestones right at the crotch of their jeans. If it was the right person that would be amazing.

Ali: That would reveal somebody’s personality for sure.

So what would it say about that person?

Ali: They’re just, ready to go.

If  a girl’s dating a guy and she wants him to rock jewelry and get a little stylish, how should she ease him into that if he’s super basic, or if he’s someone that has a fragile masculinity and says “oh jewelry is for girls”?

Ali: She should just buy something and give it to him.

Brandon: And if he doesn’t want it then she wears it? Isn’t that the equivalent of like, I bought you a bowling ball for your birthday with my name on it?

Ali: It’s not that bad, is it?

Brandon: Sort of, it’s the old switcharoo. I think she should secretly find out what the male influences are in his life. If he likes a guy that’s a sports dude or an actor or an artist, see what that guy has been wearing. And be like “look, just like James Franco!”

Feed it to him, that’s what you have to do 

Brandon: Yes, gently.

Ali: Definitely ease it in so it’s not too intense at first.

Brandon: Guys can have fragile egos. We’re very sensitive creatures, we’re simple creatures. If we’re fed and have slept it can be easier to accept pieces of jewelry.

What piece from the collection would be the best gift for a boyfriend?

Ali: I think the cuff with a black diamond is cool, but if he likes to dress up then the cufflinks are nice because it’s like a little surprise that pops out from your jacket.

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