These Twins Went From Styling for Disney To Starting Their Own Brand

Identical twins Shanda and Shawniece were born in Belize and have created a successful clothing line, Intertwine Collection, at only 27 years old.

While they originally re-worked vintage pieces and styled for a popular Disney TV show, they took what they knew from their experience and put it into their own company.

If you want to learn more about these bosses and get some fashion industry advice, check out our Q&A below.

How did Intertwine Collection start and what does your brand represent?

We started off reconstructing women’s vintage clothing. Then we started styling for a Disney show called “A.N.T. Farm.” We later decided to venture off and start Intertwine Collection. The Intertwine Collection brand represents different variations of styles and designs. Intertwine Collection is an exclusive online store that provides gorgeous statement pieces and garments for all women, all shapes, and all sizes.

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How did your company grow to become so popular and what tips do you have for women looking to grow their brand?

Intertwine Collection grew as a brand by utilizing all our social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Social media has allowed us to connect with our customers and potential buyers across the world. With e-commerce boutiques being at a high demand, it’s imperative that owners know how to brand. Key tips that I would give women to help grow their business are:

1. Do your research

2. Connect with your consumers

3. Dress the part

4. Make sure you perfect your craft

5. Hard work pays off

6. Stay creative

What are the most important factors in creating a clothing line?

The most important factors in creating a clothing line are preparation, making deadlines for your company, and your work ethic. You will need to go above and beyond to be successful, you will have to be dedicated 24/7. Find a way to connect with your audience. Also, always incorporate your personal touch, your sense of style, and stay true to it. Focus on you and your brand.

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What are some personal and business goals you set for yourself?

Personally, we want to conduct multiple seminars to teach women about the behind the scenes hard work and how to pursue a new business venture. Our goals are to successfully expand our brand into by every form. Growth is definitely fundamental in the fashion industry. We plan on accomplishing them by doing exactly what we are currently doing now, which is marketing, predicting and keeping up with the current trends.

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What is the hardest part about being an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice because it is all on you to make your business thrive. There are no sick days. It’s definitely different from having a storefront because a store location closes at a certain time. Online shopping is 24/7.

Managing, buying, branding, back office, and shipping is frustrating; but yet very rewarding. Especially when you create different trends and other business owners copy exactly what have created/styled. We just take it as flattery and continue to pick and make powerful statement pieces and designs.

How long did it take for your business to take off and what would you have done differently?

It took six months for our business to take off, which isn’t long, but we believe that we needed that time to gradually make the correct steps in order to make our business successful. We wouldn’t have done anything differently because we believe staying true to our vision, style, and design were vital to our growth.

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Where do you see your company in the upcoming years? 

Intertwine Collection’s next move would be adding plus sizes for woman and also adding footwear. Also, providing our customers with the utmost customer service that incorporates our vision of femininity and style.

What do you want your supporters to take from this interview?

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you came from, trying to build something from the ground up means much more than words can describe. Furthermore, [if you are interested in] moving into the fashion industry, please do your research.

Find your niche, engage with [your] audience, stay creative, and do your part in putting in the footwork. Without footwork there is no way that your company can reach a successful level. Success does not come over night. Work smart so it can save you a lot of hassle and just believe in your dreams because anything is possible.

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