I tried the Ta-Ta Towel and couldn’t believe how much I loved it

When the Ta-Ta Towel first started circulating online, I laughed to myself a bit because the idea does seem ridiculous when you heard about it — a terry cloth boob sling? Just, why?

Little did I know that I was actually in dire need for the boob-centric towel towards the end of this summer. The writers at Galore insisted that someone had to try the towel out, and I volunteered myself because to be honest, my tits were sweating a lot. I had gained weight from a diagnosis of hypothyroidism that I was unable to shed, and unfortunately, I gained a lot of that weight in my boobs.

I know, some of you are thinking, “Why is she complaining about having big boobs?” But I’m not complaining about having big boobs. I’m just complaining about the sweat that they produce, especially in the months of July and August.

Prior to the Ta-Ta Towel, I tried everything. I would stuff paper towels underneath my bra, I went braless, I rubbed deodorant all over my upper rib cage, I even wore multiple bras to just soak up the sweat. None of these DIY tactics worked. I was simply getting used to the idea that I would have sweaty blotches on my bodysuits for life. So when the Ta-Ta Towel first came out, I was truly willing to try anything!

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What’s cool is the founder of the towel, Erin Robertson, had the same trial and error as I, and many others turned believers, did. She was about to go on a first date and she couldn’t seem to get her boob sweat under control. One of her friends would get rashes from sweat building up, and after using the towel, her rashes stopped. Apparently pregnant women are also attesting to how amazing the product is, especially during the breastfeeding months. I was waiting for a solution to my boob sweat without even really knowing it.

The Ta-ta Towel comes in a bunch of fun colors, and they’re also reversible to keep your roommates on their toes. I asked to be surprised about the color I was being sent, and I received fall’s special edition, Pumpkin Spice – a vibrant orange with a white floral pattern on the reverse side. Orange isn’t really something I ever wear out, so I was excited to rock it within the comfort of my apartment.

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I moved into a new apartment recently, and without the Ta-Ta Towel, I would have gotten those aforementioned sweat rashes while hauling boxes. I was moving stuff around, building furniture, and deep cleaning all month, and all of it was a fairly comfortable experience because of this towel.

I was sweating a ton even with my AC on in the August heat, but I wasn’t sweating my tits off — a discomfort that really would have made me give up on moving in at all. I started living in my Ta-Ta Towel, and started wearing it in friends’ apartments.

The best part is that it really just looks like any other bra or bathing suit top. My best friend’s boyfriend didn’t think twice when he saw me lounging in it with the gals for a GOT marathon. I even wore it to a Target run a block away from my place, without so much a comment on what the hell I was wearing. Aka sweat-free errands ftw. So, if you’re worried about standing out like a sore thumb wearing this thing in public, you most likely won’t.

A lot of people said they didn’t know how to feel about the Ta-Ta Towel, but my review is set in stone. I am officially obsessed with this new pro-boob invention. It’s about time women got something like this made for us. We deserve to be comfortable cooking over the stove in the summer or straightening our hair on the way to a dick appointment. Ta-Ta Towel is there for you during these times.

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Photos courtesy of Ta-Ta Towel

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