7 Body ‘Imperfections’ That Turn Guys On

Turning on a guy has never really been hard work. I mean, show some cleavage, bend and snap, whatever slightly sexual motion you can manage will probably get the average guy’s dick a little bit hard. But, when you’re constantly confronted by Victoria’s Secret models and chick’s on Instagram with impossible waist to hip ratios, you may feel like you need to be more “perfect” to catch a guy’s attention.

While you shouldn’t ever feel down on yourself based on the opinion of a shallow dude, it helps to know that there are more ways to be hot than looking like a model. We scoured Reddit to find some of guys’ favorite body turn-ons that don’t have to do with your tits or ass (for the most part).

1. A Distinctive Laugh

While girls love guys who can make them laugh, guys love girls who can laugh (or fake laugh) at their bad jokes. “I can melt for a girl just because her laugh is awesome,” says Reddit user RedditTooAddictive.

If you’re worried that you have a hyena-laugh, don’t be. Reddit user aRoseBy adorably said, “I remember when my future wife laughed on our first date. All my nervousness disappeared, and we had a wonderful time.”

2. Noses

What’s the first thing you noticed about your last crush? His baby blue eyes? His luscious man bun? His huge feet? Reddit user Neutroniks digs girls with big noses. “For some reason I love girls with a distinct or larger nose. It’s kind of a huge turn on.”

Don’t get a nose job or be insecure about your nozzle, because even if you don’t love it, someone else will.

3. Braces

Okay, so we could go either way on this one. If you’re into girls with braces, that’s cool, but we hope it has nothing to do with pedophilia. Either way, Reddit user AngelsPrayer wrote, “I don’t know why, but for some reason I find dental braces to be pretty attractive,” and many dudes agreed.

HighDice even said, “It’s just a shame that comparatively few adults have braces.” Maybe you can pull out your old retainer and score some dates this weekend? We can’t make any promises though.

4. Veiny Hands

Reddit user sandely65 gets turned on by “veiny hands.” Remember when Jack Dawson told Rose that he had a love affair with a woman’s hands? Yeah, maybe he was on to something.

It’s apparently not just the veiny ones, sandely65 added that he likes “just hands in general. the attractive ones, at least.” What makes an attractive hand on a woman? We’re not totally sure tbh.

5. Gap Teeth

We knew there was a reason that we all find Lara Stone so hot, and apparently some dudes dig gap teeth as well. User cainthefallen gets specific, saying he likes a “slight gap in the teeth.” So, either you can have braces and date the dudes that are into that, or never get braces and date the dudes who are into that, you can’t lose.

6. Big Ears

Dumbo had big ears, and he’s fucking adorable. So why are girls with pronounced ears self-conscious? User FloppyTunaFish likes “girls with ears that stick out a little.”

7. Boob Sweat

Alas, if only every guy had the same fetish as Reddit user starthirteen who says he’s turned on by boob sweat. The weather’s getting warmer, and your boobs are getting sweatier. Here’s to hoping you can snag a dude who digs the sweat stains under your tits.

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