6 Ways You Turn Him On Without Even Trying

As women, some of us have our seduction technique down to a science. We master the smoky-eye, slip on our thigh-high stockings, and tousle our hair. We put our chin up, chest out, and our “come hither” eyes, and watch our dude practically run towards us. But, nothing makes us feel sexier than when our dude wants us when we’re not even trying– say Sunday morning when we’re lounging in his sweatpants and deciding which avocado toast we want to order in for brunch. So what makes guys so horny for us when we’re not even trying to be sexy? We got guys to disclose the sexiest “non-sexy” things that girls can do to make them go wild, and some of them may surprise you.

1. That Post Workout Glow

In case you needed another reason to get your sweat on, guys have confessed that there are few things they find sexier than a girl post-workout. While you may feel sweaty, tired, and not “on fleek,” your man simply sees you soaking wet and out of breath…kind of how you look after some crazy hook up. Instead of trying to contour before spin class to impress your hot instructor, why don’t you just work your ass off and let him be attracted to your endurance, perseverance and your post workout glisten.

2. Allowing Him To Comfort You

Until we’re sure that a guy really likes us, we try to hide our emotional (or “crazy”) side as much as possible. If we find out that our crush was witness to our drunk crying over pizza the night before? We might immediately have to find a new crush. However, guys confessed that they get a little turned on when a girl allows herself to be vulnerable in front of him. Some say it’s the fact that they don’t usually get to see people cry, since most dudes don’t exactly cry to each other about their problems… Other guys say it’s just the fact that when a girl cries she usually needs a shoulder to cry on (or a bicep to cuddle with). We think it’s a combination of the fact that guys love to feel that they’re protecting their girl, and the fact that if a girl is crying to them, it probably means that she trusts him.

3. Bragging About Him

Guys absolutely love their ego being stroked. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be about their hot body or big feature. One guy admitted that nothing made him happier than when his girlfriend bragged to her brother’s fiance about how great her man does the dishes. This may not be what you expected, but think about the last compliment that made you happy? We all love being told that we look great, but compliments about something other than our looks are what really make us feel special.

4. Seeing You Blush

Considering we get cat-called every day, it can be hard to get us to crack a smile, let alone blush. Something about us blushing gets dudes to go crazy. Maybe it’s because they know that you must really be digging them, or maybe it’s your “modesty.” But, if you don’t see yourself as the type of girl who’s genuinely going to blush at a compliment, you can at least use makeup to make your own rosy cheeks.

5. Catching a Whiff of Your Scent

If you’re one of those girls who liberally sprays your “signature” perfume before walking out the door in the morning, you may be winning with the dudes. Guys love it when they hug you, or simply brush by you, and catch a hint of your perfume, hair product scent, etc. In retrospect, we’ve all probably sniffed a guy’s sweatshirt to catch his scent, so I guess we can understand where they’re coming from.

6. Watching You Get Ready

You know you’ve heard lyrics about dudes watching their girl get ready in the morning, and apparently there’s a reason behind it. While I’m not sure this goes for every girl who spends an hour contouring her face, dudes definitely don’t mind watching you brush your hair and lotion up after the shower, or even dabbing some mascara on. In fact, I think they’re all pretty fascinated to watch us put on makeup since it’s a completely foreign concept to them.

Photo courtesy of desireandpleasure.tumblr.com

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