GTFO, Blake’s Baby Bump: Blair Waldorf Is Finally Coming Back to TV

Ladies, we have a question for you. 

Why on earth are we still obsessing over Blake Lively’s baby bump, and all the gorgeous ways she’s dressing it at Cannes, when Blair Waldorf just landed a new TV show?

And by Blair Waldorf, you know we mean Leighton Meester, but let’s be real, she’ll always be Blair Waldorf in our eyes.   

See, no disrespect to Blake Lively, but come on, are we ever surprised at all when she leaves the house looking beautiful?

No because she always looks beautiful. She even has this special LED lamp that she uses at home to put her makeup on to ensure that she always looks beautiful.

Why would we expect pregnancy to change all of that?

Sorry, it’s not news. It’s just a given. 

On the other hand, Leighton Meester landing her first television show since Gossip Girl? Now that’s news.

Leighton’s new show, Making History, is about a large duffel bag that functions as a time machine, which kind of sounds exactly like Comedy Central’s Time Traveling Bong, only significantly more sober. 

Here’s what we know from the trailer:

Leighton Meester is from the past, specifically the late 1700s. She lives in Boston with her father, Paul Revere, she slaughtered a bear one time and kept its pelt, and she has a boyfriend from the future who likes to sing Celine Dion songs to her, only she doesn’t know he’s from the future.

Intrigued yet?

Watch the trailer below and say a little prayer to the TV executive gods for giving us our Blair Waldorf back. 

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