Bishop Briggs’ Rise to Fame is the Stuff of Unicorn Dreams

If growing up in Japan and Hong Kong doesn’t sound rad enough to you, then touring with Coldplay and Passion Pit certainly will. While that sounds like some ridiculous dream world for most of us, this is actual reality for singer Bishop Briggs.

Bishop melds pop, electronic and hip hop styles into her own unique sound and released her debut single, “Wild Horses” in 2015. After the song was used in an Acura commercial during NFL playoff ads, fans used Shazam to find out just who sings this radical song.

Now, Besides having a life made from unicorn dreams, she’s one of the only females in the top 10 on Alternative radio, (Way to represent, Bishop!) and will be playing Seth Meyers on 10/5. 

With plans to drop a full album in 2017, Bishop Briggs is slaying the world one step at a time, which means you should hop on the band wagon right quick and start downloading her music like, yesterday.

Who knows? The next time we see her, she might just be riding on the back of a Unicorn and dropping hits as she flies above us, and you don’t wanna miss that.

Tell us what it’s been like touring with Coldplay and Passion Pit.

Passion Pit was the first tour I had ever been on and they are a band you can truly learn so much from. I still can’t quite believe Coldplay happened. It was all stadiums and arenas. So insane and inspiring to be able to watch them kill it night after night.

Is it true you grew up in Tokyo and first sang in Karaoke bars?

Yes! I was always singing but I think karaoke bars was where I learnt more about performing and connecting with an audience.

Where did the name “Bishop Briggs” come from?

My entire family is actually from an area of Scotland called Bishopbriggs. It acts as a little reminder of where I came from and the people who supported me from the beginning.

Describe your sound to us!

I would say we are “trap-soul” which basically means hip hop influenced beats mixed with soulful and gospel melodies. I’m hugely influenced by Alabama Shakes and Jack Garratt.

What inspired you to write the song “Wild Horses”?

It was written during a moment in my life where I was asking myself, “is it better to be free or to be happy? Can you have it all? And what if you realize you can’t?”

We’ve heard that fans found your music by using Shazam on the Acura Commercial which features “Wild Horses,” what are your thoughts on that?

I think we are in a really cool time in terms of how people are discovering music. The fact that there is something out there like Shazam still impresses me. I think having multiple vast platforms that are helping people find you is positive.

How do you feel about being the only female in the Alternative Radio top 5?

I feel happy! I wish it was a perfect ratio of male and female on there though!

If you could play an acoustic show like MTV unplugged, what songs would you cover?

Anything Beatles.

How does fashion play into your music and performances?

I think it’s all about the individual and the team around them. That being said, I think it’s important to stand up for what you are comfortable with and if you are comfortable being sexy and wearing less – go for it.

What’s next for you?

Next I’m going on tour with Kaleo and will be releasing more music!

Where can we find out more about you? Social media links?

You can find me on Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram @thatgirlbishop


Stream Bishop’s New Track, Be Your Love at the links below!


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