Bishop Briggs’ “Dream” is a moody love song for girls who keep it real

Our favorite double-bunned soul singer is back with a moody and dark song just in time for Halloween. That’s right, Bishop Briggs has blessed us with a love song for the real girls — you know, ‘cause how many mushy songs can a girl take? And of course, Bishop is everything opposite of mushy and sweet…

With moody acoustic guitar, mixed with gospel choir-like backing vocals, the tune is more of a ballad than what we’re used to hearing from Bishop — but make no mistake, it’s not missing any of that soul she normally brings to every song we’ve heard from her so far.

Singing “I wanna wake up where your love is” over top that heavy hip hop dusty beat we love oh-so much, Bishop says the song is quite literally about a dream where she screamed and screamed and no one could hear her. Though she says her tunes are normally “drenched in poetry and metaphors,” “Dream” shows us a new side of Bishop — and like, ain’t nobody complaining.

“Dream” is undoubtedly a love song for a real girl — who’s not here for the fluffy stuff. Bishop continues her tour with Alt-J and then joins Bleachers for their North American tour right after — so be sure to catch those double-buns on the road. This girls’ vocals are basically as soulful and on-point in her live show, as they are on the record… so don’t sleep on getting your tickets.

Take a listen to the new song here, and then peep our Q&A with Bishop below!



What inspired the song “Dream”? Is it about anything or anyone in particular?

It’s funny – most of my music is drenched in poetry and metaphors and although this new song does have elements of that, it’s also extremely direct. It felt like an important concept to write a song about.

How is “Dream” different from your other songs?

This song is different than anything else that I have ever released which is scary and exciting all at once, but I think it’s important to do things that scare you because then you’re always challenging yourself to speak your truth.

What do you hope fans will take away from hearing the song?

With all my music, it’s always my hope that people who hear it feel a connection and feel inspired to write their own music or be creative in their own way.

Your double buns have become super iconic — do you think you’ll ever change it up and do maybe… three buns?

Funnily I did three buns for my first TV appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I’m not going to lie — it took a professional hair stylist to do it so it might be difficult to replicate. That being said, my sister does my hair and she’s very good at it so I guess this would be a question for her!


You were on some amazing tours last year — what was that like? What were some of your favorite places to visit/play?

I think I was born to be on tour. It’s kind of my favorite thing ever. My biggest passion is performing live so whenever I have the opportunity to do that, I take full advantage and try to appreciate every single moment. If I were to pick a favorite place, I would accidently diss every other place so I’m just going to say that all the places were wonderful — which is true!

Any memorable shows or festivals you played?

This year we had our first ever headlining tour and I had been told that it was very different from being an opener. It wasn’t until I experienced it myself that I really saw what a huge difference it was to really have my people in front of me; people that listen to the music and connect with the lyrics. It really felt more like I was going on tour with friends than fans.

Explain how it feels to have tons of fans singing your songs back to you or with you while you play live.

I love it so much! I don’t think that will ever get old.

How does it feel to have had the successful year you’ve had?

I truly think that just the fact that I get to do music every single day and have the opportunity to write every single day — that’s truly the dream.

You were recently featured as YouTube’s “Artist on the Rise,” how does that feel?

I’m a long time “going down the rabbit hole” YouTuber – watching anything and everything on there, so anything associated with YouTube I am extremely excited about — this was a huge honor.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently on a North American tour with Alt-J and next month, I’m going to be on a North American tour with Bleachers — needless to say, I am in complete awe and so excited.


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