Beyoncé Fans Thought Rachael Ray Was Rachel Roy Because Spelling Is Hard

This weekend Beyoncé released an album that may or may not be about Jay Z cheating on her with some girl named Becky who has good hair.

Obviously, this album takes place in a made-up world where Beyoncé does not have good hair, because let’s be real.

The Beyhive however wasted no time in pointing out that Becky was probably Rachel Roy, which led to a lot of fans dragging Rachael Ray through the virtual mud because they got confused and thought the two semi-famous Rach(a)els were the same person.

What a difference one vowel can make.



For clarity’s sake, let’s go over this for a hot second, kay?

Rachael Ray is a TV host/celebrity chef who specializes in quick and easy meals. She’s been married since 2005 and last made gossip magazines when it was reported that her husband was making repeat visits to a Manhattan swingers club and may or may not have cheated on her in bedrooms across the city.

Rachel Roy is a fashion designer who got her big break as creative director of Rocawear, the clothing company started by Jay Z and Rachel’s now-ex husband Damon Dash. She was divorced in 2009 and last made gossip magazines when it was reported that she had gotten into a confrontation with Solange shortly before the infamous elevator incident went down. She’s also the kind of girl who thinks posting pictures like this is a good idea:


Like c’mon, Rachel, how did you not see the backlash that was coming to you?

Also, not to state the obvious but Becky is probably not a real person. Still, by all means please continue to keep the speculation alive. Beyonce didn’t surprise drop an album for you to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Buzz around your queen, bees.



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